Changi Fishing with Ah Fong

Date: 26 April 2008
Boat: Ah Fong's Changi Boat

Vin is bringing his new friend today to poison her into fishing... We all wondering what will happen. 

By some strange miracle, all of us were early today and we started to board the boat around 745am. First thing Ah Fong ask me is "Want to go 40m spot?". Without thinking, of course I said yes lah... Normally, my preferred boatman Ah Chong cannot really go so far out because his engine not powerful enough... But with Ah Pong's good boat, it will be no sweat to hit out so far. Not alot of boatman will want to hit so far too... 

Must impress today if not stress...

I was pretty excited because 40m spot is a well known spot for biggies. In the past, i have been brought down to earth many times at that spot and what the hell... Thinking that it was just the usual Changi shit, i brought only my light tackle(size 3 wt max)... But have to make do lah.... What to do... All my pattern come out but today seems that i have no luck. No big fishes come to play with me at all!

Vin's new "GF" was not doing well at first... She hasnt fished before and is still trying to get used to new stuff. Vin was trying his best to teach her and i must say Vin was very patient.

CR wise? pretty bad leh... @ 40m spot, we arrived at LOW TIDE. So we must wait for water to move until going to become high then we might have good catch. During that low tide, all the lppl fish came to visit us but its okay, i knew it was always a waiting game...Cueball even landed a nice 1kg ACK(his drag never even make sound).

There were also alot of BIG xiao chou(sea kbl) that came to visit us too. Everybody was getting a few except me!

But then the unthinkable happened... A Storm blew our way and we were forced to leave 40m spot. $@#%!#$!@$.

So end up drifting around Changi Shit again...And this time, no fish at all! A bite here and there was all we had!

At last spot, Vin's GF finally managed to get a fish! And she got another later!

Last Spot

Got bored...

Total harvest

Still a good day of fishing


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