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Largemouth Bass Fishing in Singapore

Kevin was the champion of the trip! Introduction Largemouth Bass in Singapore?! What's going on? I can safely say that many of us were pleasantly surprised when we heard about such a thing going on. Growing up, I used to play the Sega Pro Bass Fishing Game on the PC or in the arcade (man that feels). You know the one in the arcade where you have a rod and you could "cast" a crankbait? I guess it is exciting because the variety of techniques and lures that bass fishermen employ is quite astounding. Think of grubs, bugs, spinner baits, frogs...  So well, news got around the fishing community in Singapore towards the end of the year but as it was a private bass pond, it isn't so easy to get a slot (unless you're a certain guy called Chase). So lo and behold, we managed to get a slot on a Saturday morning and we were all buzzing. What to use? What to bring? These would be the questions in your head if you're going for such a trip. Now it was my first time there so

Benefits of wild caught fish and where to buy them in Singapore

These are all wild caught fish! Photo credit: Biao Have you seen the labels, "Wild Caught" or "Sustainable Fishing" in the supermarkets? Ever wonder what it means except for paying more? If you do then this article will be interesting for you because I bring you back to earth and share with you my take on "wild caught fish" in Singapore and how to appreciate it. First of all, you can throw away that concept in your mind that wild caught fish can only be found in the supermarket (with all the labels and such) and it must always be some sort of cold water fish such as cod and salmon. It's actually very simple because in the sea/ocean/river, there is only generally two kinds of environment - farm and wild. So in theory, that means if you pick up a fishing rod, go to Bedok Jetty and catch a tamban, that is also known as a wild caught fish! Many markets also do sell wild caught fish without the labels at decent prices.  It doesn't have to be something t