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Bringing Kids Fishing: Punggol End Jetty

Had some free time during the school holidays so thought I would bring some of my church kids out fishing. Certain factors to consider when choosing a spot and eventually I decided on a "free" spot since pond fishing was costly. We chose Punggol End Jetty since it was nearby, accessible and relatively a safe place to do some relax fishing. There were also quite a bit of small fish to entertain the kids although I think other places like Labrador Park or Changi Boardwalk may be better fishing spots for kids because there are more small fish. After fishing we went to the nearby Punggol Settlement to have lunch... Perfect day! Oh yes, I also managed to do some eging and caught a nice green eye squid during the day. Hahaha... somethings just never change...

Giant Swa Chiam (Sand Whiting) with Jeff Tsen Fishing

It's always amazing what you can catch while fishing offshore in Singapore. Especially when they are giant whitings! Jeff always has a knack of finding them... Look at the size of that whiting?! Also managed my first catch on kite handline... We also caught a big golden catfish which I went home to fillet. The golden catfish is an excellent eating fish and very prized by intelligent anglers... the fish actually contained fish eggs and I discarded them after David Ho told me they could be toxic... For Jeff's contact: