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Don't release your the flathead you catch when fishing!

Better off on my dinner plate The flathead is a fairly common by-catch when we are fishing in estuary and inshore reef systems. More often that not, it is also a fish that readily takes baits and lures and cause frustration for anglers that are hunting other more valuable species. The most common species that we get here is the Bartailed Flathead. This species is one of the biggest locally and has a yellow/black marking on its tail. But why the bias one may ask? Is it Asian culture that prizes certain fishes more? Or is it that that flathead looks ugly? Or maybe Asian cuisine rarely uses the fish. Well, after today I hope you don't throw away this species because it is absolutely top notch if prepared well. In a world that treasures sustainability, consuming flathead can go a long way in lowering demand for more prized fishes that may be seeing decline in their numbers. Flatheads are also prized in overseas fishing markets such as Australia. Fishermen fish for them excl

Tioman Dive: What if you could do a dive beneath your favourite unjam?

Fishing at unjams or artificial reefs seems like nothing new to experienced anglers. We always dare to drop our jigs right beside unjam ropes but what if we did some diving below our favourite unjams? As I did a dive down an unjam, I could see the various species of fishes. There was also a heirarchy of sorts in the reef. The cobias seem to be circling the fringe of the reef while the groupers were like perched in the middle. Simply amazing... Diving at Tioman is Awesome ;) [Dated post]