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Sam Law Fishing for Sagai 2023

Behold... on this trip, we had purposely sought out sagais because we were bored and wanted to just harvest fish. We were so desperate and only bought 1/2 kg of live prawns which we didn't really use anyway.  Lawrence the ang gao whisperer Ah Bao's "feather" Gao on jig! Caught it on feather! Strangely though, we caught all sorts of interesting reef fish before the "sagai" fishing started. Ah Bao even caught a coral trout on what he called "mao" or feather. We also used sabiki rigs to catch plenty of baby yellowtail barracuda aka kamasu. These are super tasty by the way, but it is a story for another day. When the current was about to pick up, off we want for sagai. Sam was fairly confident and recommended "long-line" and sabiki jigging. Long-line usually refers to a very long horizontal presentation (think 4ft of leader) with a feathered jig or hook at the end. One would just let it flow out and impart a jig stop motion to imitate flappin