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Jigging at Changi Offshore Fishing with Changi Ah Fong Fishing Charter

Good take on the Zenaq Ikari 64-5 and Ocea Jigger 1500 When you talk to some anglers (even experienced ones) about jigging during Changi Offshore Fishing, they would often give you the incredulous or the "no fish one lah" look. How come? Why are some anglers master rock star jiggers when it comes to Southern Island/St John Island/Pulau Hantu/Kusu but when it comes to Changi, they suddenly turn into baiters? Is it truly less productive because of the water depth, water visibility and quality? Or is it true that there is less fish and simply not productive? The answer is very simple: those who truly know the meaning of jigging and artificial lures would tell you that is truly requires skill and a whole lot of patience if you're going to do artificial at our Changi seas. Bottom stroking for jigs is also completely underrated and underexplored! Most of us are more used to just buying tungsten micro jig, put on an assist hook and cast it at some sagai boiling. Right? Sagai nev