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Singapore Changi Offshore Fishing Zainol

After a very addictive bashing at Pekan for the sail fishes, it was kind of hard to look forward to a Changi trip. The two places simply can't be compared! A friend of my dad's invited us over to a trip he organised for their group of friends. We will be sharing two boats among 19 people. My dad's friend and his family will be joining me, my dad and my bro in one boat with my rsm and family. We will be taking Zainol's boat. I have heard of Captain Zainol before. Boarding place... Zainol's boat... Baits for the day Today's current flow was a neat slick current which would yield a good catch of 10 - 20 pcs on Ah Chong's boat. Zainol's boat was spacious enough with a nice toilet but it was kinda lengthy and a little on the bumpy side when the waves hit. His fishing style is not drifting but anchoring beside breakwaters. I notice that he looked like he did not had any spots... He'll just choose some any old breakwater and anchor down! Today'

9 Oct 2010 Sailfish Videos

Part 1 Part 2 Tongkol Boils Highlight

Sailfish Fishing and Jewfish at Pekan

The streaks of silver blue sails cutting through the water edge… The wild sashay of the mighty sailfish while it danced on water’s edge… The feral twitches of its feral snout while it hanged in the currents… The memories were still so etched in my timid angler’s heart and were still part of my dreams even a year after my memorable trip for the not so elusive but majestic sailfish. I simply had to go again no matter what. I did go again with some good ol’ fishing buddies of mine. Armed with some London Choco Roll and Pokka Sour Plum Green Tea, we went fishing. We had a jolly good ride up the land of boleh on a quiet Friday midnight while the slight drizzle beat away at the car. We rolled along the way until we reached our destination. We took some time in finding our Captain’s modern kampong which we would be spending the two nights. I was the earliest to hear the call of the kampong chickens as they roust me up of my short sleep. Off I went doodling with my tackle bag and fit

Sibu Kelong Fishing Guide *UPDATED*

I've been fishing at Sibu Kelongs for quite some time now and i figured I'm at least a good newbie at the place now. I've not tried all the types of fishing methods used there but I'll also list down what i saw during my time fishing there. I'll be listing the different types of fishing, tackle pairings and methods. **PICTURES ARE NOT UP YET** General Season Guide November - February : Monsoon Season ---> Seklar Season, Pelagic Season March - April: Ending of Monsoon Season---> Squid building up April - September----> Squid Season, Reef Fish Season September - October----> Saitoh Season October - November-----> Pause before monsoon season   General Fishing - Sabiki/Paternosters Rod - 5ft to 7ft / Reel Size 500 to 2500 Rig - Sabiki/Paternosters/Bottom Riggers Hook Size:  4 - 8 Bait - Prawn/Squid/Fish strip    Depth - Bottom First up in the list is of course the simple general fishing. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned an