Baktao Gold

Dear readers,

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I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing articles known as "Gold" fishing articles that will include various fishing tips, techniques and sharing of information that I hope can benefit the fishing community. These articles will be "Gold" articles as extra effort has been put into them during writing. This is because that in the course of blogging, many of my blog posts are not usually of fishing article worthy standard - some just being pictures and words here and there.

With the baktao gold articles, I hope to be able to capture the viewership of more "serious" anglers around and also offer some good advice to the newbies wanting to learn something. I am no pro angler but I am willing to share what limited knowledge I have.

These articles may be in the form of blog posts (most likely) although I may make a PDF or E Pub version available for download so that users can print and reference to. I hope to achieve the same effect of a "mini fishing magazine" if you will. Except that I am doing it at zero cost to my readers.

The articles will be linked up in the main page and even here as I slowly think of the content! In fact, some of the articles are already done!


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