Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Frogging Day 5: Chocolate Land

Made a trip down to the ol' haruan hole today and i hoped the recent rains might induce better/worse action. No worries on the outcome... It was more of the thrills of observation.

When walking into the area, i saw a mother wild boar. A big black fierce one... Seeing something so big and huge staring down at you was definitely a different experience from the TV or from a distance. I had brush encounters with wild boars before but this mama stared down at me and refused to budge. I slowly backed away out of her sight and observed from far. The mama paused before somehow signalling to the rest of her pack. A few babies came out and they disappeared into the forest cover as fast as they could.

When i reached the area, i was shocked... First signs of waterlogged terrain in a few weeks! I managed to get out of the waterlogged area and proceed to the casting point. Wow... Where i was standing at and landing my fish a few weeks back was now water! The water had extended a metre or two and a cast or two with a minnow determined that the water level was now quite deep. I could not even hook up any debris or rubbish after a few casts.

Fired the usual arms into the weeds and bushes... The usual scumfrogs, SCs and today i had my loud rattling roosta with me. Strangely, no takes althougth there was alot of underbush activity and boofs. Could it be that the fish are now trained not to take surface chugs? Or that the deep water makes it less easier for them to penetrate the surface? Or that the deep water has forced them deeper and now out of reach for me? Points to ponder...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Frogging Day 4: Usual Frog Action

On a good sunday morning, the famous Alan Chan and the gang to the haruan heaven and boy was it full of action in the morning. The moment Alan reach, he almost instantly hooked up a good around 4lbs Haruan on his scum frog. Wow...

The next was me to land one haruan around 4lbs too on my yellow scum frog but sadly when i was laying it out for photo shoot, the bugger flipped and squirmed across the grass and got into the water!!! Wow damn i should have used the boga but later the haruan swim away with boga how..kekeke... I later on also missed a small haruan on the trusty SC. Damn! Ah Hwa cast at the same spot i miss later on and he too missed a hit but he got one hooked up but too bad the haruan dive into the weeds and escape with a splash and jump. Kekeke

Ah Hwa miss some other takes on scumfrog too... Later roger and momok joined us and roger hit 1 haruan and toman on his daiwa spoon... Momok registered a hit but too bad the came off after awhile... Kekeke...

Weiyee had zero take at end of the day but i guess he is more or less poisoned by froggies...

Total score of the day
Alan 1 Haruan
Roger 1 Haruan, 1 Toman
TT 1 Haruan
Ah Hwa 2 or 3 miss
momok 1 big miss

That's it for this weekend Haruan action.

For peektures, visit Alan's Blog .

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Frogging Day 3: Haruan Record Broken

God knows what's with me and haruan these few trips. I can't seem to hook up any bobo shooter tomans but instead i'm scoring it with their more elusive counter parts. !@#$.

I started bashing in at around 0630 hrs. Boy was it spooky... There were so many weird noises in the bushes today. I thought i heard wild boars. Luckily, they were'nt hostile and i continued bashing in with the fear of getting bitten by snakes always there. I had already put in place a plan should i be bitten. This was thought up the night before because i couldn't sleep!

I was only going to concentrate on the good ol area today. I now call it the Haruan breeding paradise. Hahaha... I could already hear splashes and boofs in the water. Oh boy...

Proceeded to cast at my vantage point which i had not land anything from yet! How come its a favourite spot you will think... That's because i missed so many bobo tomans here on surface chugs. I decided to go big today and clipped on a Pink Surface cruiser. Let's hope big lure will be better for the toman to aim at! In fact i am always wondering about this theory... Do tomans tend to miss smaller lures? Hmmm...

The casting of the 28g SC on the bassterra was a joy. It simply flew far and i could almost hit the other side of the pond...Wahaha... Slow crank, fast crank, walk the dog... Tried everything but no takes although i could see many tiny fries on the surface. No choice... Walked to the second area and started casting...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mushroom Cream Pasta W Panfried Cobia Fillets

This was cooked sometime back after my year end TP Trip last year. The Cobia was fillet and cut into thin but chunky slices and then pan fried with dill leaf and spices with butter. In the meantime, some mushroom sauce was on the boil.

With the fish and spaghetti done, pour the mushroom sauce over and you're done.

A very tasty meal i must say... The wonders of Cobia meat...


Hmmm this is the LIVE CHICKEN from my school... I went to eat it today. God damn it for $3 i get egg and bucketloads of chicken! Bring it to me baby!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Frogging Day 2: Recce Bashing

After yesterday's joy, i could not say no to another outing... Not after i couldnt sleep at night! Made my way to the spot and oh my the water was super greenish today. Casted about and tried all ways to get the fishes but the fishes were rising furiously as usual. Got sick of the spot and decided to go on a suicide mission... Bash Ka Bash!

During bashing, its hard to remember what you see and what you thought. Time went so fast and i just remembered bashing deep into the area, exploring many enticing spots and making a few casts here and there.

I came across a number of promising spots including a water hyacinth infested deep water area. Pity though, instead of tomans, i spotted Giant PBs around the 2-3kg range giving the Tomans a run for their money. Tomans come up for AIR. Well... I saw a Toman come up for air and a giant PB pouncing on the poor fish. A total of 3 consecutive hits on the toman and god knows what happened to it. The lily and hyacinth pads were too far out to reach and i would have to bring my metal jigs during the next trip.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Frogging Day 1: A Valentine with the Snakes

Yesterday was my last day of school and i could not miss the chance to go frogging the next day! I was already super itchy.

So i reach the spot very early and walk in when it was still dark and i almost drop into a hole. Hahahaha... I brought only 4 lures today. Before setting off, i realise i had no more minnows as i sold off alot of my lures so i have no choice i decided to grab mondo's gift and see if i can land anything on it. And i realised that the lure action is great and the casting is good too. It flew pretty far!

Oh ya, i reached the first area of the spot and this is where i miss most of my mamma during the previous trips. I clipped on a pop froggie and wow omg the moment my lure hit the water, a mama toman rose up to whack it. But the mama missed and i was left with a floating froggie!!!

I tried and tried at the same spot but no more takers... Seems like the fishes are spooked. So i moved on to the second area and this time i saw a small ripple just in front of me so i clip on a scum frog and kekeke... After working it slowly, a good sized haruan grab the frog and dive in but the stupid thing happen again... I strike too fast and the hook cannot set in. Damn! Its so hard to condition myself not to strike once fish pull!