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Bring Kids Fishing goes to Ah Fong's Changi Offshore Fishing!

Wonderful day to be out at sea today as a friend brought his kid out for some fishing. The lad is totally into fishing and has wonderful sea legs. Bite rate wasn't that great but we had some fun fishing with Ah Fong. Those who know me will know that I am passionate about bringing kids out fishing but through the parents or guardians as it is more sustainable. Bringing kids fishing or teaching them fishing also shouldn't be about profit making, no matter how well you argue the sustainability case. Some things are better off like that. For Ah Fong Fishin contact, go to Oh yes, after fishing, we had a great time eating some freshly caught fish!

Merchong Malaysia Tee King Chong Fishing 2023

King Chong built a new platform for catches. Extremely useful! Merchong! It’s been too long (yes it even rhymes) since we had a full-fledged fishing trip there. Merchong is actually situated at Nenasi, Malaysia. It’s after Rompin and just before Pekan. For the unacquainted Singaporean, fishing spots between Rompin, Pekan and Merchong are generally the same so they share the same fishing seasons and fishing styles. Many times, those fishing these areas may actually go to Tioman for fishing. Fishing is done in the wee hours for best fishing and so that they do not need to compete with too many boats. It is important to know where you are fishing exactly and where you are launching from. Boats from the areas above generally only have fishing licenses to fish the Pahang area and not the mersing or below area (e.g. Sibu, Sedili, Desaru) as these are considered under Johor Bahru. Exotic river seafood at Restoran 23B Rompin Restoran Dua Tiga After breakfast in JB, we headed out to Restoran 2