Hook Me Up Fishing Pond at Marina Country Club

So, heard a few months ago that a new fishing pond has opened at Punggol Marina (Marina Country Club). This new pond has replaced the former Gills Fishing. I guess this is good news as there is so little fishing ponds left in Singapore now.  Anyone can confirm the information so I can list down?  Here's what I got from some Facebook posts: 1hr $30, 3 hrs $70, Open 24/7 and with guaranteed catch 

The place where coral trout grow on trees

Ah, the great outdoors. Short of being a dryad, these four words beautifully describe Merchong. And then you add some beef, some lamb, some tapah, some soon hock, some coral trout, some cuttlefish...  Here we are! Year 2024 in Merchong, Nenasi and with new friends. Our new friends were very positive and their target in two days of Merchong fishing was the humble coral trout. I say humble because it is just quite common here and we don't even need to go to Tioman or the faraway Jubilee reef to fish for them. Heck, we don't even go as far as Pulau Berhala. Anyway, catching the tasty ang gao here is quite predictable, just need to be lucky and present your bait well.  So did our friends hit their target? Yes! All the newbies to Merchong hit beautiful red groupers and they even busted off some bigger ones that couldn't be stopped. Champion of the trip was Ah Bao who hit three ang gaos on sabiki.  Sharing the catch report and food reports... Nothing special to share, because eve

New Prawning Pond in Singapore for 2024: Olden Days Prawning

In case you all don't know yet, a new prawning pond has opened at 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2! Called Olden Days Prawning, the prawning pond is opened daily and 24 hours. What was the most surprising for me is their current price for prawning. They are doing it at 1 hour - $9.99, 2 hours - $15.99 and 3 hours - $19.99. Quite a good deal as these are way below prawning pond rates. The location isn't new and used to be operated by Ah Hua Fishing and Prawning . Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 (located within Gallop Kranji Farm Resort) Contact number: 8756 4984 Check out Olden Days Prawning Facebook and TikTok !

Tuas Offshore Fishing with Wreckhunter

Looks can be deceiving. It has been almost two years since our last trip with Wreckhunter and we were all looking forward to get some chomek (squid). The thoughts of live chomek with maggi filled our heads as we prepared our night fishing tackle at RSYC. Fishing at RSYC brings back some memories as I have had many trips with the Singapore fishing charters here. Prepping our gears at RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club) Joining us on this trip was Sir Cain, the cousin of Emmanuel (who runs the Korean Fishing Guide Service as a business) so we were pretty stroked. We have seen Cain in action before and he is clearly a beast when it comes to "pumping" the fish up! The target of the day though chomek and frankly speaking, fishing was rather secondary. We scooped about 40 pieces of chomek at Tuas, ate 20 of them and set aside the rest for fishing. We told ourselves if the live bait runs out, we will just use "kelong sotong" or frozen sotong. After all, our stomachs a

New Fishing and Prawning Pond at SAF Yacht Club (SAFYC), Sembawang (Opened on 27 October 2023)

Hey folks, a new fishing and prawning pond has opened in Sembawang, right outside the SAF Yacht Club (SAFYC). For details, head onto their Facebook page: . Heard that it operates on some points system now but the catch rate seems quite decent. Address: 43 Admiralty Rd W, Singapore 759962 (free parking available outside the open area) Contact number: 9121 7577 Below photos are embedded from their Facebook page on public settings:

Ah Fong Fishing in September 2023

I couldn't make it for this trip but the live updates from the guys were very exciting. They finished their prawns after lunch and had to go to the farm to top up prawns.  Beautiful snapper. Who says jigging not possible at Changi? We hereby named him ang cho kiat~! Baiters didn't xia suay also lah Kiat was the hero on this trip, scoring a good sized ang cho aka golden snapper on jig. Purist jigging style came up tops!