Fishing for Big Grouper in Changi Waters, Singapore

If you're into the local fishing scene, you must have heard of fishing for giant groupers (gao tun) or tong gas (how the local fishing community in Singapore and Malaysia calls it) in Singapore. It's an interesting form of fishing that takes much patient, perseverance and skills. Personally, I have never caught any grouper above 10kg in local waters! Thus, my experience with a recent 8kg hybrid grouper at Changi waters on Ah Fong's boat shocked me because of how hard the fish pulled. It does seem that hybrid groupers fight much better than their orange spotted cousins and are also much more sneakier! Tackle used: Zenaq MYS Fooketo Twitch 59-3 Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000 NRPG with YGK Jigman X4 PE 5 Shockleader #20 Seaguar FXR Fluorocarbon Biteleader #16 Seaguar FXR Fluorocarbon Hooks 2 x Lions Fishing cheap hooks Description of fight: Fight was not easy. First the boat went over a hill so it was shallow followed by a downslope. At the end of the downslope though was something

Fishing at D'Best Fishing (also known as Pasir Ris Main Pond or PRMP) with Rubber Lures (Luring)

Black Proberos soft rubber. Maybe I should buy in bulk, rebrand it and sell at 4x the cost. Maybe I'll call it sticky lake rubber. @baktao Went for a short trip at D'Best Pasir Ris Main fishing pond. #fishing #sgfishin #luring #singapore ♬ Oh no, oh no, oh no, no no - Hip Hop 15 years ago, fishing here was free I was 15 years old when I first fished at Pasir Ris Fishing Pond (back then it was just called as such) at Pasir Ris Town Park. I went there with a few of my secondary school friends and we caught dozens of huge tilapia. It was when there was no operator at the pond and you could simply fish for free. There were also a few pieces of the odd leftover fish and I remember catching a mangrove jack on bread. Introduction to D'Best Fishing Now after years of being run by different fishing pond operators, the pond now goes by the name of D'Best Fishing by D'Best Recreation. Old timers to the pond just simply remember it as Pasir Ris Main Pond (PRMP) for t

Fishing at Barelang Fishing Pond (with trip itinerary and tips), Batam

It's never easy for angler-couples with kids to go fishing. You bring the kid along, it doesn't really feel like quality fishing together. You leave the kid at home, you're basically confined to one day trips which can only mean fishing in Singapore. But... there's Batam too! At the now very famous Barelang Fishing Pond. It's a fairly inexpensive fishing venue, surrounded with nice restaurants, massage parlours, shopping malls and you bring rupiah. It's definitely easy to arrange too. I detail below three steps on how to arrange an affordable one day trip to Barelang Fishing Pond. 1. Pre-book a trusted driver with car for your one day trip There are many operators and drivers around. Just search around in Facebook and you'll find plenty. It is always a good idea to pre-book one as you'll be assured you have transport on that day! My driver was Aan +6281268187673 and he has WhatsApp. The fee to book Aan is $60 per day. Note that there are cheaper o

Fishing with Ah Orh (Boon Black) Fishing Charters (Berthed at Raffles Marina)

Boon Black Fishing It’s been a few months and I’m catching up on my catch reports. Recently, I was invited to fish on the Boon Black Fishing Charter and subsequently booked another trip after that. Boon Black Fishing Charter is berthed at Raffles Marina and is actually made up of two separate boats – one captained by Ah Org (Black) and another by Ah Boon. Both of them are really easy going captains and this made fishing really relaxing.  Comfort Level 100 The first thing I noticed when I boarded the first time was the comfort level of the boat. It was spacious and had comfortable backrests and cushions. Simple bait trays, bait tubs and iceboxes were also arranged neatly which made things really organised. Boat should be a Pongga 28ft. Big Grouper Culture Shock During the trip at the start of the year, we went for Big Grouper (at Tuas) or what our local community calls “Tong Gas”. It was here that I was introduced to the big grouper culture. Not really a shock for me lah but I just felt

7 Recommended Fishing Charters and Cost Sharing Boat Fishing in Singapore (2022)

Yes yes, I know there are so many articles and posts now recommending you places to go fishing in Singapore. However, when you go read them, most of them are just fairly descriptive and is probably adapted from somewhere else. No personal snippets, no personal tips and are just plain click bait-ish. So, I thought why not just write about recommended fishing charters that I have personally went on before. That makes things a little more personal and it’s these nuggets that really do help people make decisions. Below recommended fishing charters/boatman in Singapore are not ranked by order of preference but alphabetical. Abang (Southern Islands Area) Abang is one of the most experienced and cheerful skippers operating in southern Singapore. He specialises in night fishing for golden snappers. If you want to try night fishing in Singapore, you have a pretty good chance with him. Optimal for 4 pax. Departs from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. Fishing styles: Bottom fishing fo

Singapore Boat Fishing Charter Contacts (2022)

Contacts and details are forever changing so it's best you call up the boatmen directly and get fresh information from them! Remember to get details such as rates, bait, ice, toilet, max no. of pax able to fish, boarding location and so on!  

Short visit to Ah Hua Fishing and Prawning

They have pole fishing and prawning Clean pond and fairly spacious More pictures of the location Pole fishing! Go to the counter to get your rods Water is clear and you can see this prawn hiding in the hole lol Prawns are mostly medium sized. Resident parrot! Fish feeding at $1 per small bag. Not very economical to dump everything in lol We had some time the other day and went to visit Ah Hua Fishing on a weekday morning to do some prawning. I also brought the kiddo there to do some fish feeding and it was rather fun as Ah Hua also brought his parrot out for the kiddo to play. The way the place is setup is nice and laidback, with a bit of a kampong vibe and feels different from those urban prawning locations in Singapore. Some thoughts about the place: ➡️ Water is very clear. Can see many prawns. It is rather rare that operators will not add "colouring" to their pond so that people don't know how many prawns there are. Ah Hua's pond water is clear and you can literall

2022 New Prawning Ponds in Singapore

It's not really recent news but there are two new prawning ponds in Singapore that just opened recently. You can go check them out if you love prawning and don't forget to check out my old  prawning guide . It's going to be a season of fishing ponds closing and opening in Singapore... Ah Hua Fishing and Prawning Photo: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing Facebook Had loads of fun ah the old Ah Hua Prawning Pond! Remember this pond? It used to operate at Neo Tiew and we even went there for some fun . They've reopened at 125a Pasir Ris Rd! One cool thing about their pond is that they have pole fishing and also fish feeding for kids so a really nice place to check out.  Getting there: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing Facebook Contact number 91252088 Address: 125a Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121 Bait N Catch Prawning Pond at Aranda Country Club Photo: Bait N Catch Facebook Not really a new pond but a new operator! I've heard from my friends tha