Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eging/Squidding at KTM Resort, Batam

 was supposed to be a Sibu trip for our favourite green eyes but the jelly fish season disrupted things and the trip was cancelled. Only during Wednesday did we somehow conceive a plan to head to Batam in search of our favourites. Called up my fellow squidding eging crazy kaki and off we went to KTM Resort.

On Thursday, the ferry was confirmed and the rooms were booked.

Ocean Raider

A total of 3 fools headed to the resort. We got an early ride via Ocean Raider, Batamfast @ Harbourfront Centre. We got to the jetty and the resort driver was already waiting for us.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank You Sea Dragon King

I guess Sea Dragon King must have realised today is probably my last day to do weekday eging this year and presented me a nice present... I have only caught a few squids of this size and funny colour with bloated body... This was one of my finest @ local eging...

Tackle used: Shimano Bassterra 10-20 6"6 soft well used blank with Caldia Kix 2000.
Jig: Yamashita Egi Oh


Never thought i'd caught one again... Although it was a little smaller...

Taken just after sunset, the little critter felt like a plastic bag at first... I reeled in furiously because i thought it was indeed a plastic bag... When i was reeling halfway, suddenly the reel sang and the plastic bag actually moved!


A few seconds later, this bugger was on the floor... Kekeke...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Those were the days @ Changi

Some photos of Changi offshore with my friends and their adventures to share that i found in my SD card...








best ever record unagi trip

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eging: Mossies Night Out

The Eging bug hit me hard yesterday and i realised that this few days will be the only days left for me to do weekday midnight eging before my enlistment... What to do... The bug got me. Summoned Alan and Momok for ops but Alan got some secret ops and Momok had a wedding dinner so i gave a call to a friend and tonight will be the night i will poison him into Eging.

We reached the spot before midnight and that place was full of people Eging and i even spotted an ah lau using a Yamashita Egi O on slow crank. Bahahaha~ What an injustice to the jig.

Started casting and first few casts yielded nothing but somehow, i got my first squid of the night and all the ah lau was like wow...

Throughout the whole night was lousy and there was no wind so the mossies were buzzing all over the place.

Managed to get another two smallies and another medium sized squid which took out line and gave quite a good tug.

Total catch
2 small and 2 medium squid.


Ziyang didnt manage to catch anything this time round but its just a matter of time... Kekeke...

Interesting note though...all squids were male squids.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

FW3 with Momok, Halley and the fishes

Watch Momok and friends dish it out with the CPC(Chao Phraya Cat) at Pasir Ris Farmway 3!





Rods used are, Shimano Bassterra, Buchinuki and Extreme Anglers Rapier X.
Reels, Shimano Caldia Kix, Shimano Sienna and Certate Hyper.

Worst Changi Offshore Ever

Happy Birthday Alan! Yesterday i had my worst Changi Offshore ever with Alan and the Gang. From morning till 3pm we had only caught a Chermin and best of all i can even say i used only 5 prawns. Wow... At the usual productive spots, no fishes were entertaining us although i knew the fishes are there

It was only after the rain and when the current "zhang man" or was full that the fishes starting opening their mouths...

I managed to catch some fish but still don't feel good because many of my crew couldnt get a decent breakthrough. I rather i didnt catch those fish and someone else did...

Oh well what to do... What a bad day but still enjoyed ourselves minus the whip cream.

For a full report, please refer to Alan's blog
Click Here

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Old Playground Revisited

It was a boring weekend for me... Both days rained hard and i had no chance to go to my haruan playground so come Monday, after a long time thinking and exploring the various option, i made up my mind to visit a spot that was very productive last time in producing good size Toman, Soon Hock and Belida.

However, Monday i overselpt... So...

Come Monday Night i pestered and poisoned momok and SOMEHOW, we found ourselves trudging our pitiful selves to fishing on a Tuesday morning. It was super damn smiley because i overshot the MRT and momok miss his first bus. In the end when we meetup to take bus to the place, it was so crowded we were squashed at the front steps of the bus.

What was more smiley was that we reach the spot at 9am with the sun already shining on us...

Monday, May 11, 2009

What Is The Difference Between Female and Male Reef Squids?

Its been a long time i did research on squid... Today i have nothing to do so i present to you all something that some may know or some may not know...

What is the difference? The difference is that one set of patterns refers to male squid while one refer to female squid!

♀ 斑点模様: Spot Pattern

♂ 横縞模様: Lateral Stripe Pattern

Now, the interesting thing to do is to check all your squid catches and see if they are female or male... And then compare the patterns on catch rate. Maybe this way we can determine the season. By this way, i have determined that male squid are usually much much bigger than females!

MALE SQUIDS: Lateral Stripe Pattern



Thursday, May 7, 2009

TP Trip 4: 2 - 4 May - Merlion Parade

Call me Mr Tengirri until i get my Tengirri on jig. Every night i'm thinking of Tengirri...

Day 1
Boarded the ferry to TP as usual. This time, we took Penguin and no regrets because its definitely more comfy although it departs abit later than Falcon or Wavemaster. Went shopping at Kurnia and after that had lunch at Oceanbay... We had Calamari, Scallop, Flower Crabs, Sambal Kangkong. The other table even ordered additional dish of Kung Bao Chicken. Yum Yum. Wonder will it turn out to be another Rogerful trip. Kekeke....

Shopping at Kurnia...

Lunch at OCB