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Thailand Bangkok Fishing Day 1 - My First Arapaima at Amazon Lak

I got my first glimpse of the Arapaima while watching Robson Green's Extreme Fishing . Imagine the thoughts in my head when my fishing guide BKKguy guaranteed me some Arapaima when we changed the location from Boon ma to Amazon Lake. The thought that i would be catching a species regarded as one of the holy grails of freshwater fishing was coursing through my mind from the moment i touched down at the airport to the moment that i made my last cast there. Yes if you don't know yet, i am in Thailand trying to do a Robson Green! I'm trying to get my first Mekong Catfish and Arapaima with the help of John(bkkguy) who has been a guide there for many years. He speaks English, Chinese, Thai and was the best choice for the mission. John advised me to get some small lures for the fishes as the fishes like to take small lures there. In addition, he got for me some baby giron to try out at the pond. But the secret weapon was only unveiled to me when the fishing started. It was

Fishing At Aunty's Pond

If you're seeing this post, it means I'm at Thailand fishing! I'll be trying to do a Robson green and will be aiming for my first Mekong Catfish, Arapaima and Alligator gar! Ok back to the post! There was a good strong response for fishing at Aunty's Pond one sunday and within a space of one week, we made it happen. Full credit to Alan for him to put together such a trip so fast. For the booking of the pond, you have to arrange to buy the fishes, arrange the booking and so on. The booking of the pond is $500 and fishes are $10 per kg. Fishing from a paypond is very common in Singapore as we don't have lots of productive fishing areas but we have loads of fishermen and that creates a unique market for setting up ponds which stock up fishes for fishermen. For that day, we bought Barramundi and Golden Snapper to be released. We released about 70kg of fish i guess. That's around 70 fish roughly. Okay let's get straight into the action. All of us were sho

Punggol Pro Pond & The Next Few Weeks

Well, as you can see... I've been doing alot of pond fishing recently. My monster fish trip at a local fish farm was canceled due to bad weather so i went to Punggol pond the next day. I went with a few of my friends. We didn't expect it to be that bad. The fish are not biting and the fishes released are really small. Anyway, if i told you how many fishes we really caught and how many fishes someone gave to us, you would be on the floor rolling anyway. Here's the pictures... I'll be doing some pond fishing tomorrow as well. Alan, me and a few of our friends have come together to do a private booking. We'll be releasing fishes so we expect a good time. I'll be having my exams and will be very busy with my job for the next few weeks. After that I'll be shuttling off to Thailand, BKK to try out fishing up the Giant Mekong Catfish. I'll be heading to bungsamran and boon ma pond for some quick fishing. I'll be using John as he's probably the more