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Discovery Channel's River Monsters

Hi everyone, have not been fishing lately due to being super busy. I went bashing today without my rod and found a few suitable spots. Tomans could be seen cruising the waters like Arowana and darting off in another direction with the bubble trail slowly moving. It seems its the Toman brooding season now because i saw green/purple Tomans hanging around the area but they were not feeding actively but cruising around. There were also a few new batches of small red Toman fries around small mamas. Anyway, i'm currently hooked onto Discovery Channel's River Monsters. They are showing this show now and the current episode if the Wels Catfish in Spain. But i missed many episodes and can't wait for the others so i'm gonna go get the videos. The size for all episodes are quite big but ill be borrowing AG's HD... kekeke... Go to discovery to watch some previews! Btw this is damn interesting too. Heli f

Eging for Squid at Punggol End Jetty

I had nothing on the first day of the Lunar New Year so since Momok had his car, we went to a very common Eging spot which will be gone very soon anyway. We have been hearing that the squids have been arriving in small numbers. It's no surprise that they are in because during this period last year, i had caught many squids from this spot. It is during this time that there will be a spike growth in the sea grass and it seems like this attracts more squids. It's only a little disturbing since the squids are not coming in good numbers this year. I arrived at the spot way before Momok and started on my own. I prefer to fish the incoming tide exactly 3 hours before the full tide. I normally do this on a neap current day with a crescent moon as i feel it makes the squid more aggressive. However, today's current was quite fast according to the tide table and it was a moonless night. This was the first trip that i brought my Protech Magic Spin Light and i wondered how it wou

Jungle Fishing for Peacock Bass

I got off the bus and paced towards the entrance of paradise... Adrenaline was already building up and the sky was the limit today, i thought. Already, an Ang Mo fisher was fly fishing... The wind was still, the air stale but the water was inviting. It seemed forever to the first stream of sunlight although it the skies were void of any clouds. I waited for my companion so that we could make our way in together. Once we were in the cover, we pushed in with fervor and purpose, knowing that on the other side of the banks were every angler's dream. Tributaries leading away from the main reservoir are always a hot spot for fish. Usually, fish would go in or out of the tributary to hunt. To fish at the mouth of the tributary is a cheat code to virtually any freshwater angler. Making way in the forest will always be tough work for all anglers but the rewards that follow are immense. On the way to the river mouth, we encountered a big school of big Toman Fry that were willing to ent

Daiso Egi And Tackle Box

Just went down to Daiso just now. I grabbed some useful and interesting things that i could use in my trips. Daiso Egi lures have improved tremendously over time and i found the last batch of egi lures WIPED OUT! However, a new batch was waiting to be taken for the kill. I found it to be a carbon copy of the Yamashita Fast Sinking gold body models! I grabbed all sizes except the 3.5... Here's some pictures if you don't believe the striking comparison. A good copy indeed... Real yamashita vs daiso egi comparison Copied to every detail except eyes and hooks I also got myself some lure boxes which i think will be useful. They come with interchangeable compartments using plastic sliders. I could not resist grabbing more green pencils. Even more impressive was that the weak hooks were replaced with stronger ones. I got some rubber creepy crawdads too...

Jungle Luring Toman Singapore

On a chilly Sunday morning when normal people sleep their way through, Crazy people like Momok and me went out for a bash deep into a spot that we had just discovered. Only that instead of starting at 0630, we somehow started at 0900. Hopes weren't high since the wind and sun had already picked up by the time we started fishing. While waiting for Momok in the clearing, i had a few Peacock Bass throw hooks on me. It didn't seem to be a good start. While trekking towards the spot, we even came across an Ang Mo lurer who was dressed in camo vests and pants. It seems you see new things everyday you fish. He remarked that he got a few Peacock Bass and even a 4.5lbs Temensis at first light. Mok and me hurried towards the end of the small tributary which stemmed from the vast body of water that was Upper Seletar. Once we reached the end of the river system, Mok and me were excited to start casting as we got jumpy about our newly found hole within the hole. I cast beside a fallen l