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Desaru Jigging 12 May with Captain Badol

After the previous Desaru fishing trip with tekong Badol in which we had landed a few good sized coral trout (ang gao) or red grouper, we are very excited about this trip. After directing a few of our kakis on how to get to Desaru via the new highway (ulu Tiram), we finally got to the meeting point at the Desaru mini mart where they sell food and drinks. At the back is a place where you can get live prawns at Desaru. At desaru you can find boatman contacts like desaru ah long fishing, desaru ah hee fishing but i have only tried badol before... Usually they will do desaru jigging at TU lighthouse, tukun reef and of course unjam for batang... On this trip, we are going for the Spanish Mackeral or Tengeri batang fish using jackson pintail and asari pinktails. On this trip, Clarence also proved that the Duel Hardcore 110S 38g (you can get it a Kaiser tackle) works as he lost 3 of them to the tengeri! Boarding the boat at Desaru beach.. it's a great sunrise at Desaru... no suprise

KTM Resort Eging!

It's been a long time since i went eging but the long wait is over! My family wanted a short getaway at KTM Resort, Batam over the weekends and i was glad to accomodate them and plan the trip. This time, we planned the trip with a local Singapore travel agent - Eng Seng Travel service since we could claim the fee. The trip came with a free tour on the second day and i mildly enjoyed myself. We visited Ralph Lauren polo tee shops, Golden Prawn Seafood, Kueh lapis batam factory and stuff like that. And of course if you go to KTM Resort, you have to visit Nagoya mall so we went there as well. Food at KTM Resort was a little disappointing at KTM Resort as they didn't seem to have the old menu. There was no more kung bao chicken and the crab meat in the asparagus soup was the imitation type! Anyway, the Avocado juice is still good! They have also upgraded their fishing area with railings now and they have spruced up the whole place. Some pictures of the spruced up areas!

Sembawang Sampan Fishing with Dr Rod

I was just idling on Facebook one day when i came across "Jeffrey Tsen" via Mathew's profile. I browsed through a few of his fishing pictures and I realised he was a "Sampan Fishing" operator. The catches were off Sembawang which was an area I wanted to revisit after having portabote luring outings there a few years back. The usual fish to target were usually Barramundi, Barracuda, Mangrove Jacks and so on... So I had some chat with Jeffrey and yes his spots are full of sangoat/snags which is what I want. Placed a deposit to secure a slot that someone cancelled and off we went! His sampan launched from SAFYC Sembawang but we met at Sincere tackles first anyways to get the bait. His sampan was the right type of setup to hit the waters. Just big enough so we can slowly approach the spot and he was using an electric trolling motor which is good as silence is golden in stalking the fish here. The first spot was under some jetty and we could hear the KBL "S

Pekan Fishing March 2012 Video by Frank

Here's a good video done by a friend Frank on fishing in Malaysia at Pekan Pahang with Rickey Tay.

Pekan Fishing with Rickey Tay On My Birthday!

It has been a very happening open season for my fishingkakis and me. It has been fishing trips all the way after the monsoon and Typhoon Pakhar had cleared. Every weekend saw us fishing various coasts in Malaysia like Pekan, Desaru etc. One kaki Shawn even went Rompin March and caught some decent Sailfish. This was a a kind of new season for me in the sense that it was almost purely jigging and artificial baits for me during the few trips. The fishingkakis obliged as well and sometimes we did not even have baits. I think it shows that 4 anglers jigging together is definitely more effective than 2 jigging, 2 baiting. This may also be because that most of the time we will be drift fishing This trip saw us head back to Pekan Pahang, a quiet sleepy fishing town which is 1 hour further than Rompin. We will be taking Rickey's boat again as he is my usual boatman and Pekan and I had been with him for many years. The last trip in March 2012 in Pekan was for the Ebeks and we had so muc

Underwater Fishing Videos

Posting catch reports have always been done using pictures but the next generation of fishing catch reports will be no doubt in video. The joy of video is that we can have the sound (reel screaming), how the angler fights the fish and of course the whole environment. The smile of the angler fighting the fish is always one to be rememberd. Recently, i have been doing more fishing video CRs although they are not so professionally done up because i probably have to juggle between fishing and video-ing during a trip! It's hard to get the video footage when the fish actually attacks the bait/jig and most footage is after during hookup. There are a good number of authors/bloggers slowly moving onto video CRs but we definitely will see more video CRs soon... Anyway, the next step of fishing video CRs is none other than underwater fishing videos where we capture the fishes in their own environment. My good friend Shawn had purchased a cheap underwater video camera sometime back and