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Back to Eging at Punggol End Jetty Eging Spot

I'm finally eging (also known as squid fishing) again thanks to the boredom brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, I suppose I accidentally rediscovered eging again thanks to one of the Southern Island offshore trips were we went to Pulau Hantu to hide from the storm. I got bullied by a squid there and got itchy again... Went to hide but got a squid instead? Yamashita rattle egi oh k 2.5 The eging scene is kind of different now from when I just started. Now there seems to be many models of squid jigs and many specific ones just for different purposes like sight casting, shallow, deep and so on. But for me I still firmly believe in a few things which are sound/vibration, action and contrasting colours for different occasions. In general you can use pink, orange, green egi for night time or day time. If day time gets difficult due to shy squid, you can try silver, grey, dark red, brown or gold which are also known as natural colours. Went to Punggol End Jetty to try out som

Marina South Singapore Fishing Spot (Eging and Shore Jigging Recce)

Marina South has always been a favourite fishing spot in Singapore. In the past, we would go settle our dinner at the Marina South buffet steamboat and then head off to the water breakers to crank deep diver lures. In fact, I remember a memory of having my popper being taxed from me one of those times we went luring there! Another fairly famous fishing spot were the freshwater ponds just next to the saltwater side. Quite a fair bit of haruan (snakehead) and tarpon in there! Ok back to the topic. I finally had time to go for a full recce of the Marina South fishing areas. It's quite amazing that there are no restrictions for fishing almost the entire Marina South coast and it makes shore casting, eging, ajing and microjigging so much more fun. We explored three spots today and I think we sort of regretted not bringing some bait... Below are some of the areas with Google map pins and what I think of the spots. Marina South Pier Fishing (Beside Marina Bay Fire Station) Google map:  ht

Fishing at SAF Yacht Club Sembawang

One of the best fishing spots in Singapore can be found SAF Yacht Club, Sembawang . In fact, because it is a restricted fishing area, the fish population is healthy. Is fishing allowed there? You can fish at the jetty but do beware of boaters and be safe. Members and guests can fish at the jetty while public can pay a small fee to fish. Do keep the place clean though. How to fish there? Most of the fishing can be done with live bait. You can drop down your bait or cast it out. Usually the fish that most people target are the barramundi (seabass/kbl), grouper, snapper and mangrove jacks. Sometimes you can also get ladyfish, tarpon and catfish. Some catches from the jetty: Decent mangrove jack caught on live prawns Grouper caught by bouncing Good size MJ at SAF Yacht Club Sembawang A fishing spot with snappers is a good fishing spot!