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Pics of NFF Fly

I had a reader requesting some pictures of my NFF so here they are. They are not done up nicely but i hope i would be able to provide some idea of what an NFF looks like. NFF stands for no frills fly and the main aim of this fly is to be extremely expendable, easy/fast to do up and using the least materials possible. Of course, it still works! So far i usually spend around 20-40 seconds doing up one NFF. NFFs are usually used in conjunction with the spin fly rig for conventional spinning rods. An array of NFF. Can you spot the sweet wrapper, rubber band and cable tie NFF?

A Last Minute Bash for Peacock Bass

I went fishing again today afternoon with Weiyee.... It was to be another freshwater fishing trip which was supposed to be relaxing... Just a 10 minutes bash and we were in to the casting area. It has rained quite a bit this week. This resulted in water which looked just like my tea with milk. I showed Weiyee the usual casting spots and where i last burst off my huge Toman. On the first few casts i got a fish on a longish NFF Fly. Fish on NFF That being done, i took out my new fly design... A fly which was conjured up during spare boring time at work. A rubber band fly!!! Made with 2 strands of yellow rubber band ends and 3 strands of red ones... The action of the fly was good... Like a squid which was hovering around... moving rubber! I lost my first fish on my new fly as it wasn't hooked properly but this really shows the fish there aren't fussy about the fly designs... they are more interested in the action and technique in tricking them... I will definitely try out my

Sibu Fishing For Todaks Video

Just a simple video that i made... we had fun with the Todaks... no audio so you can hear the sounds and sights... Part 1 Part 2

Crabbing in Singapore at not so secret crabbing spot at Pasir Ris Api Api

Weiyee finally has a chance to do some fishing and so we arranged for some last minute night fishing on Friday night but after the downpour in the afternoon, we changed our plans. Actually it was freshwater baiting and then surf casting but eventually we settled on crabbing. Grabbed all the crabbing stuff from my place and we did a quick drive down to some mangrove areas for crabbing. We thought we could still access the deep mangrove area but it seems the trees have all overgrown and inaccessible. So we settled for the more civilized area for crabbing and went about to do our setting up. We are using batu bait fish as bait. This is one of my favourite bait fish to use for crabbing as it is cheap, smelly, oily and lasts relatively long. I got many crabs on batu fish so i was confident of this bait. We setup a few sphere bubu cages and only one square bubu with the rest being the bamboo crab nets. For the bubus, we bashed as close to the mangrove as possible and threw them as deep in

A4 Sized Eging Keeper Experiment

I've always wanted to have a bigger Eging pouch to keep my squid jigs instead of the usual sizes that tackle shops provide. So i had this idea when i saw the file at Daiso. I got some material from my office and Daiso All Purpose Glue... I went to work on it today. Glued the sides and bottom to the edges of the file. I got itchy though and sprayed paint some stuff... It turned out disastrous but i could improve on the next version... The keepers at the side are just experiments... I wonder if they will work and not be a problem there... The completed version waiting for glue to dry... itchy butt me went to spray...

Bruised Ego

After landing a good sized Temensis on the last visit to this spot, i was a bit confident of the fishes here. It seems i was wrong. I was made to go home with the egg on my face this time. I won't ever use 16lbs leader and anything lighter than my Bassterra again. That place is just fool of surprises. I went in early as usual with the water vapor slowly edging out of the woods onto the water. This was the sweet awakening smell that anglers thrive in. I already saw a bro casting in the distance... I smiled at him as i passed him and bashed into the woods. He must be thinking this guy is nuts... 0630hrs bashing in the dark without a torch... I stopped over at the side to walk a few dogs but there were zero takers. The sunlight had yet to reach this part of the river system and the fish were dead quiet. After quite a few spider webs landing smack in the middle of my face, i eventually reached THE HOLE. It was this little hole in which me and Momok had our PB fun. It was easier fis

Bukit Panjang Daiso Opens: Fishing Products

I'm a big fan of Daiso lures and egi squid jigs. I have long heard of Daiso coming to Bukit Panjang Plaza and i finally visited it last week! And yup they had a fishing section with most of the stuff being the same ones from IMM Jurong East. They have more new stuff though... But what i loved most was the new Egi Squid Jigs which came in natural colours. They had a nice colourful range of plastic squid jigs too but I didn't get those... These Daiso Yamashita copies will be excellent for Sibu shy squids during day time! Luckily for me, I grabbed the last 2 pcs of 2.5... I'll be scouting around for more of these...

6 July Changi Offshore fishing with Ah Chong

It was hard to think i was going on a Changi trip again. It's been almost a year since the last trip and on this trip i fished with some old friends again. It was like the great old times except something which was a first for me. The current was great today and the rainy weather was slowly clearing up. There will be a good pause in current flow just right after we board the boat. That will be good for some drifting action while we wait for the current to pick up in the afternoon. At Changi, deep sea species are not known to reach huge sizes. It's getting harder to fish there nowadays with more land being reclaimed and the Diamond Trevally (Chermin) breeding area being cleared out by trawlers. Still, more and more artificial reefs are being constructed and the debris will be attracting more coral. We did drift fishing for the morning but we did not have luck but Ah Chong still managed to get one table sized grouper. I myself missed a take which took me by surprise. It's b

Sibu Kelong Washing Machine 2 - 4 July

This trip wasn't that productive in terms of catch but it was quite an eye opener for some of the group. Momok's family members had a good time pulling up Kunnings, Leng Chiams, Halfbeaks and Todaks... A reader of my blog didn't get to go on this trip as he was working and i guess you should count yourself lucky Joseph... Hehe... We stopped by an eatery on the way to Tanjung Leman. I loved their fried chicken wing and Mee Goreng. It was a washing machine of a trip. The conditions were really deceiving when we first reached Tanjung Lehman Jetty... calm blue waters from the jetty even. Mirror surface waters amidst a small morning sea breeze. I guess you can call it the perfect serene weather before the storm. I challenge you to a sotong duel! We managed to fish peacefully until late afternoon when the rain and winds struck head on. I even managed to get some squid before lunch. We had a pleasant surprise though... Durians! We had some FOC Durians courtesy of our Duria