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Batu Pahat Threadfin Salmon (Kurau and Senangin) Jigging trip with David Ho

Catching the elusive Threadfin Salmon in Singapore has always been a challenge here. They used to be more common but are now scarce due to habitat destruction. This graceful fighter also tastes heavenly and has quite a few species. The more prized species is the Kurau (Orh Ngor or Black Threadfin) and is commonly served to new Mothers as it is nutritious and believed to boost breast milk supply. There is also the Senangin (Pek Ngor or Ngor Soon) though. During this Batu Pahat trip with David Ho, we caught both of them! In the below write-up, I detail my experience during this trip and what to look out for if you're going to Batu Pahat for the first time to jig for threadfin. What tackle to use? Micro Jigging tackle that can comfortably jig 20g to 40g jigs will be suitable. However, try to go a little on the heavier side as the captain does mention that sometimes they can get huge kuraus on the micro jigs. Micro is fun but surely you want to have more firepower against a 20kg ku

What is the difference between the Kurau (Indian Threadfin) and Senangin (Blue Threadfin Salmon)?

This post is meant as a supplement to this Batu Pahat catch report . Information and pictures taken from #fishidlessonsbydavidho. Did you know that the Kurau and Senangin are totally different? This post aims to enable you to know the difference. Name and Terminology Kurau is known as Indian Giant Threadfin salmon/Kurau/黑午鱼/Orh Ngor Senangin is known as Blue Threadfin salmon/Senangin/白午鱼/Pek Ngor/Ngor Soon Eating Quality Kurau is known the more premium species and is a popular fish for maternity purposes as it is believed to boost milk supply for new mothers. It is rare and big sized fish are hard to come by these days. Generally costs more than Senangin. Senangin is less premium and is readily available in the market in various sizes. I have also seen that farming for it can be quite successful.  Size Differences If you do a Google search, you will realise that both can grow quite big. However, this is not a good comparison as geographically, there are differences in s