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Changi Offshore 1st December and 30th December 2012

These latest Changi offshore fishing reports are already a month old but I'd still thought I'd share them on my blog. Fishing Changi and Pulau Tekong in December used to be an exciting affair when the Chermin spot was still not reclaimed by sand. Regular fishing kakis will book spring tides in which the Chermins were notorious for turning up always. Sadly, after land reclaimation by the Government, the Chermins have since dispersed loosely and god knows where they now hang out. If only they were still around and I could be jigging for them with micro and madai jigs instead of using live prawns... Oh well, catcheswere still fairly consistent with the evergreen Ah Chong and my family had a ball of a time bringing up fishes. We were fishing the spring tide and Ah Chong brought us to a number of shallow hide outs between 2 meters to 5 meters near the current Pulau Tekong reclamaton works... yes... they are going to reclaim that as well. It seems that next time Changi will just b

Prawning At Haibin Bishan on Christmas!

Over the festive Christmas and New Year period, I introduced some friends to prawn fishing over at Haibin Bishan (Address Details can be found on the link). Haibin Bishan is one the better places to try your luck at prawn fishing because of the crowd and longetivity of this prawn fishing joint. The fact that so many people do their prawning there means that the management will always release prawns so it's up to the individual to be skillfull enough to catch the prawns! I've heard lots of complaints about people not catching prawns there but I firmly believe one should first learn the basics and tips  of prawning before complaining! After parking our cars (it's free parking at Haibin Bishan btw), we made our way to the prawning area and some of my friends were suprised at how clean and "hip" the place was. There was a beer garden, zhi char seafood stall and even the fish spa thing. Frankly speaking, till this day I couldn't determine what's the diffe