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All about Eging and a Simple Eging Guide

Eging has always been a favourite past time of mine albeit the lack of spot these days. Back then, eging had not received that much attention yet. I've been scrolling through my blog and rewritten some of the eging experiences that I have shared. Before you read this simple guide, check out the below links first! Eging Tackle Writeup by Taufik Difference between Male and Female reef squids! Eging Techniques - Hand Placements by Taufik The Original Eging Techniques post in 2009! Introduction Eging is simply another word that the Japanese use for Squid Fishing. Hence, it is no surprise that the squid jig lures that are used in Eging are known as Egi. Eging is done by casting out an Egi and retrieving it in such a way that the squid is fooled into grabbing hold of it. The squid probably thinks it's a prawn, fish or another squid! Eging is a fun hobby and can be done day or night! Squid Fishing in Singapore has always been done using the traditional method of

Desaru Baiting/Jigging with Bravo 2 (Rosman)

Yes yes I know... I haven't been posting at all. And even worse, I'm skipping certain trips first because I misplaced the photos. Here's to sharing a rather recent trip with KY, CBK (Chao Bot King), Weiyee to Desaru with Rosman yet again... Rosman's transport of choice. Fortuner! Comfy! Weiyee loading up! It wasn't quite an "open season" catch but we were extremely fortunate to be fishing on the very first few days after the monsoon winds stopped. The fishing trawlers didn't leave that to fortune though and we saw them making their way to the fishing grounds the same time as us. Nevertheless, Rosman was confident we would nab a few ang kueys during the "downtime". The plan was to exchange our live prawns for some good eating reef fish before going for the tengs and it was a good thing we did! Action was thick and fast as the red army poured in. We somehow got rather lucky and were in the fabled "red carpet" zone! Well,

Kong Kong River Mangrove Fishing with Rosman

Remember my not very exciting trip to Kong Kong river almost 4 years ago? That trip was not an ideal trip as expectations were mixed. Our idea about Kong Kong was that it was a huge mangrove river system ideal for lure casting for the elusive Barramundi... Something like a poor man's Australia mangrove fishing! We had communication issues with the boatman back then and he brought us to more baiting spots than luring... NOT THIS TIME! Finally arrived at Kong Kong Kampong after 1 hour drive from Singapore On this trip, Rosman brought us to various interesting spots around the Kong Kong river system... abandoned prawn farms, submerged mangrove roots, deep channels along the river.... you name it! We were finally able to exercise our inner luring fetishes! Kinda of surreal looking spots... See what I meant by inner luring fetishes? True blue mangrove water! The wind was still quiet in the morning, and we had some luck with the baits and lures. I finally hit a

2D1N Batam Trip (Mecure Hotel) Groupon Review

The last time I went Batam, we stayed at the Prince Palace Hotel and Novotel. Both were pleasant stays but the Novotel stood out as the more elegant and new hotel but it was a tad more expensive. This time round, I decided to check out the Mecure Hotel which was also part of the Accor group.  It was a good deal at $39 for ferry, tour and room. Anyway skip to the chase, the tour is the usual 933 tour... now I actually found out if you wish to skip the tour, they can make arrangements but the tour will bring you to quite a number of good places like below... We went to the Tua Pek Kong temple also known as Vihara Buddhi Bhakti Temple in Nagoya.... Not as impressive as Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple but there were local kueh shops behind which sold ondeh ondeh at 30cents per pc! The quality was good...and we sapu so many packs! Large variety of local kueh! Old school? Delicious! The tour also brings you to factory outlet which is just beside Astro foodcourt