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Shawn Finally Scores with the Temensis a.k.a Speckled Pavon

Shawn and me couldn't wake up that day but we still made it although first light was way behind us... It was going to be one of those wet wet days though and luckily for me, i brought my disposable poncho... Phew! After around 40 minutes of trekking to our location, we set up a distance away from the spot as we knew that the fish here are very sensitive. When you stop fishing and just sit down to watch, they start surfacing and swimming around... So this time we casted behind some trees far away from the bank.... And you know what? First cast, first twitch on the pencil and BAM!! Fish on! A cute smallie to start the day... Shawn also had one take on his first cast but didn't land it... Guess what... after that it was quiet... We could see fishes swim away from the spot as it's very shallow... The rain started pouring on us after that... out came the poncho and it was "fish in the rain" mode. Rain mode... That was when Shawn broke his rod tip when his rod go

20 December Changi Fishing Trip With Uncle Fong/Pong

Uncle Fong from Changi is one of my favourite boatman in the area... Simply because he produces the results. His knowledge of the coral reefs is not bad and he knows where to start drifting from. He has good knowledge and estimation of the drop offs and reef areas. When I need a trip in where there is a good catch, I will definitely call Ah Fong... But sadly this trip was marred by bad weather... RAIN.... It has been raining for the past few weeks now and today was no exception... On this trip was Ricky from Pekan... surprise surprise he was over in Singapore for holiday as he is here to try out micro jigging on ah ho's boat.... So we invited him over for a chance at Singapore Changi waters... well not that bad he landed a small snapper or two... Beginning was bad but we still landed the fishes.... after 2pm was bad... there are ZERO fishes landed from 2pm/. The water quality is real bad and the fishes are simply not feeding. I guess it's time for freshwater fishing kekekeke

17 December Johor Shoals Offshore Trip

This trip was a total disaster. I haven't been with this boatman for a long long time now but i must say this will probably be my last time. People can change during a short time. The moment we boarded the boat, i somehow knew that he was trying to be funny. I checked with him whether we are confirm going Mano Wreck but guess what he tell me? He told me the sinker size will be very big so not going there. I'm not a newbie when it comes to telling the sinker size at that spot during that lunar date. The current will only pick up after 11pm for that day. Never mind i just kept quiet ... next we are going to jig for small baitfish to use as bait... Guess what he tell me... he said very little so just try awhile then move off already. I manage to get some baitfish at the buoy but there's indeed quite little of them but the impression i get from him is that he is half hearted just park his boat roughly and just wait... By this time i knew that's it liao this trip is go

Triumph Super Shock Leader ( Nylon and FC) and What are Fishing Leaders?

Okay guys, here's some general tackle talk. I have been fishing for a long time now to have seen the Dupont Leader in action but nowadays fishing leaders are very widespread and there are many different types like Fluorocarbon, Nylon and even hi stretch leaders... Here is some basic introduction which may come useful to beginners. What is a leader? A leader line is a length of fishing line (usually monofilament) which you attach to your main fishing line (usually braided). Anglers tie the leader to the lure they are using. In a baiting context, the leader may be your terminal rig like your Apollo Rig (Paternoster). Leaders are stiffer, stronger and can have different properties to suit the angler and terrain. If you are using braided line, it is definitely a must to use monofilament leader as braided line is very visible, it is not abrasion resistant and it is not stretch resistant. Usually, i like to use an FG knot. Look at this video from Jigging Master... Great knot. Uni to

Removal of Mano Wreck

Some of you might have heard the news but here's the official news for everyone. Mano Wreck is going to be removed sometime next year. MPA has already tendered the removal. You can see this here It's a sad news for anglers out there as Mano Wreck has been producing wonderful giant grouper fishing results for fishing in Singapore. Head to Mano Wreck soon to catch some deep sea grouper wreck fishing before it's gone... Go to my CR for some pictures and report on mano wreck...

Tukun Perak, Penang Popping and Fishing Trip

This trip was a disaster due to the typhoon off Sumatra.... but here's a pic for previews before I write the report! Great sashimi courtesy of my catch :)

Changi Offshore 3 December with Ah Long... The Smallies came out to play!

This post is somewhat dedicated to my dad...Different times, different strokes... It used to be my dad that brought me on an offshore trip or two in the past. I remember him bringing me to Bedok Jetty to fish for the tambans, i remembered him tying all the rigs for me during offshore trips and so on... Look at how smug i was!!! That was me... jigging for tambans with an old spinning setup... those were the days Me at a slightly older age going southern island offshores with my dad... Now, it's me that's doing all these... for him and my brother. It's kinda deja vu... but i guess it's how things should be! Nothing better than the guys in the family all going out for a day of fun and putting fishes on the table! Well one day i really dream of doing what my dad did... going to the deep seas of indonesia and malaysia and use a handline set to bring up a 10ft tiger shark.... i still have a photo of that somewhere that ill try to find... So here i was bringing him

Deep Fried Cobia Cubes

Alright guys i'm new to this but some kakis asked me to share my recipe for Cobia so here it goes... It's part home made and part research but i've eventually made it my own. The thing with the recipe is i don't know exact quantities of ingredients used so it's better to make your own adjustments as well! The taste of the Cobia will vary because i usually use fresh cobia that has been caught. Smaller Cobia from 2kg to 6kg will taste better than 20kg specimen. Cobia also taste better when bled. Deep Fried Cobia Fish Cubes You have to fillet the cobia and remove the skin. Remove any blood clots or blood from the meat. It will taste nicer this way. You can either cut cubes or even cut slabs and thickness is according to your preference. - Flour (standby for frying and only use what you need) - Oregano and Dill - Lemon - 1 Egg - Salt - Oyster Sauce and Light Sauce - Black Pepper Make the marinate with the oregano and dill. Maybe 1 tbsp each? Lemon only...

Effective Jigs For Desaru

Hi fishing kaki, These are the effective jigs that i was using for Desaru this year.... some of the jigs are effective for other areas as well. From left... Surecatch Flasher 40g and 60g, Deflector Jig from Angler Pals from Deep Sea Tackle, White Rabbit MJ1000 from Chop Hock Heng, Technic GT Jacks... Below jig is a Smith Metal Forcast copy from Asari termed the Asari cast fighter....

Beautiful Freshwater Fishing Shots...

Well by the time you'll be reading this i will be already in Penang, Tukun Perak popping for my GTs... hehehe Here are some beautiful shots taken by Shawn while i am fishing... we managed to catch up with the giant school of a few hundred big Temensis at one of our catchment areas. But too bad they moved off very fast....Managed to hit one baby while casting into the school. Amazing stuff... very big fish boilings that were 10m x 10m wide! Look at this picture... take a deep breath.... take in the air, the smells and the sounds of nature... tell me you aren't filled with something money can't buy. The effect of mother nature... Shawn got a big Temensis estimated around the 8lb mark that threw his hook... what a pity... he was using an Ima Sasuke yellow...