Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soon Hock on Asari Pinktail 40g

After a harrowing experience at Pekan in which I fell sick for 2 weeks, I stopped fishing for nearly a month to focus on studies and work. It was a move which paid back as I managed to snag a rare fish during a quickie freshwater trip today.

Weiyee and me bashed in around 3pm only to reach the spot at around 345pm as the dark clouds started homing in on us. I took out my all terrain umbrella and poncho to wait out the storm. Weiyee and me looked at each other with blank faces but I constantly assured him once the rain was gone, action would commence!

This area held a good number of Peacock Bass and Toman but from the surface action and ripples, it looked that most of the Toman are gone. We found out the reason later as multiple baited hooks were set and tied to a rope along the grass shore line. It was so disgusting...

Anyway, I didn't have much freshwater lures left as I was focusing on Saltwater Fishing this year..... I clipped on a Duel Hardcore 110s 38g and started cranking.... Strangely no takes... It was almost fish on every first 2 casts at this spot. On the third cast, I reeled in like how I would reel in for Tengerri.... and BAM! Peacock on!!! Weiyee was stunned.... This happened a few more times as the fish were laying low due to the downpour... But no worries, they were aggravated by erratic lure action.

 Weiyee was using a Storm Chugbug and the moment the popper hit the water, a Peacock Bass took it but alas, he was busy with his bail arm. I had constant hits and landed many Peacocks but eventually, my lure caught onto a snag and out came the Asari Pinktail 40g. I made many casts using fast crank to attract surrounding predatory fishes and my dream came true when upon landing on the water, my lure was taken by a Toman.... It kept diving down and was massive as I tried to control it.... Hook off though and all I got was a piece of scale....

This happened again but the fish did not get hooked up.... I casted again and again refusing to change to smaller minnows for the PB and then, on super fast crank, something hit my lure with force and this time I made sure it set in well. The fish was heavy but not putting up a fight.... I suspected local Snakehead aka Haruan as I saw the fish was slightly brown from far...

"SOON HOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was all I shouted as the massive fish came closer and I could clearly see the head. The next few seconds of scrambling was expected as I quickly passed my Boga Grip to Weiyee... The fish made a last dash to the weeds but the hooks held and Weiyee successfully gripped ;the fish.... It weighed 6lbs on the weighing scale...

We continued bashing into another lagoon after that and Toman fries were being attacked by Peacock Bass... We could see the mama toman hard at work but as we started a few casts, the mossies came out to play and I even managed to inhale one! It was exercise cut for us as dengue is a big worry... But no problem.... We had Soon Hock to look forward to!

The Soon Hock was still alive as I gutted it at home.... I said a prayer as I ended its life and Weiyee brought down his family to 163 Kimly Seafood at Bukit Panjang as they prepared for us "Hong Kong Steam" Soon Hock and also Yao Zam Soon Hock.... It was good stuff as the meat of the Soon Hock was comparable to Coral Trout but not as sweet.

And that... is the renewal of my fishing this year. Good luck all!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pekan Popping for GT and Jigging for Coral Trout

It was old tradition to have an end of the season Sailfish trip at Pekan and this year was no different except that we went for the GTs (Giant Trevally) and Coral Trouts! We had a few groups of friends going up this trip but instead of more fun, it turn out to be a bad trip for me as I got seriously sick on the second day of the trip!

The first day of the trip was better for me as I only had slight flu and cough. The first day was pretty bad though in terms of fishing and I landed the few coral trouts of the group while I had a good Spanish Mack that got off the hook after a breathtaking first burst! It took a 40g Jackson Pintail.

Taken on Asari 60g Inchiku via bottom horizontal bouncing

Taken on Agoo 30g

Terence though was not so lucky as his 120g Popper was bitten away by the Spanish Mack. It even gave him a good jump with the Popper in the mouth before swimming away hehehe.... And to think that Terence was popping for GT!

The first day of the trip also saw the HOOKED team with Alan Chan, Jamie, Rachel and gang having some mean Sailfishes... I'm hoping to see some good pics in the upcoming Hooked fishing mag! Hehe....

Ice cold ROOT BEER FLOAT on the first day after fishing!

Dinner on the first day.... Scary 100pcs satay

The second day of the trip though was hell for me as I felt the effects of the first night's calamari dinner at Sri Pekan. I had some serious fever and only managed to sporadically jig fishes here and there. Well done to the other team on Ah Long's boat as they managed to land a big GT on Popper. Our side did well too as Terence got a good Gold Spotted Trevally aka Jembudok on El Toro 150g.


The funny moment came when Ah Yong who was popping actually had a big GT chase his Popper and missed it several times because Ah Yong said he WAS SCARED that the fish WILL EAT THE POPPER so he reeled faster! Hahaha! Good stuff that one!

I hibernated in the car and broke out with cold sweat on the drive back to Singapore.... High fever... And the sickness lasted 2 weeks... I guess I brought something bad back... Hmmmm...

Something to end the post.... It's always fun when you have kakis that pull your shorts when you're getting fish!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chevron's Auntie Pond Fishing

Chevrons event team organizes pond fishing competition... Look out for the details on the picture.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lucky Diamond Trevally (Chermin) On Lucky Umbrella Hat

Another busy patch gone and another few weeks of rain passed me by pretty quickly. I havent had the time to fish for a long long time now and I even lost my tan - which is good! But as my exams draw near and work is getting cleared up, it's back to the sea...

This trip was some time back during mid autumn festival in which we got totally drenched in the rain but I still managed to hook onto a Chermin right at the end...

Still sunny as we set up...

On this trip was Kiat with his new Kayak - An inflatable Hobie i9S Kayak!

We started off right at our favourite spot but there were no bites. The funny thing with fishing on an inflatable boat (Kairos) was that time seems to pass slowly and that was bad as you need to have patience when feeding for Chermin as you pinpoint the correct tide to target them. We later found out that some music from the radio can help in "stretching" the time so that we linger around the area longer! Hahahaha!

Anyway, we soon ran into a massive storm that had me take cover with my all terrain tactical umbrella hat! We beached up and waited till the storm passed. Everyone was shivering after this and going back to fish was a test of our will!

Out of the rain!

After that we had not much luck except Kiat in his Kayak who casted into a school of baitfish and had a Catfish took his live prawn! Haha!

Thankfully, during the ebbing low downgoing tide, lady luck smiled on me as my Zeus Inox 4 - 8lbs took a mean beating and up came a decent sized Chermin or Diamond Trevally. Finally! My first decent catch on Boatman Shawn's boat!

A Mid Autumn Chermin! Hehe!