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The Queenies of Port Dickson: Queenfish Jigging

Waiting for the wind to die down It's not everyday that you find top class fishing destinations for Queenfish so close to home and I was pleased that nearby Port Dickson did just that. Located about 3 hours away from Singapore by car, Port Dickson was just in between Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. My expectations weren't great for this fishing trip and I managed to piece together a day light jigging trip to do some field testing for hybrid versions of the Baktao Lollipop Micro Jigs. The place where we launched from was filled with other fishing charter boats - mostly center consoles and some extra large sampans. It was a rather windy day today so we had to wait for the wind to subside. The people here were adamant it would so I just mucked along and prayed for the best. Most of the captains looked like they were expert jiggers and as everyone gathered to wait for the wind to die down, you could feel the heartbeat of the community here. It was raining, it was windy, it