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Informal Fishing Session at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 CNR Pond

I am already bringing some kids that I know for an informal fishing trip. If you are a parent and want to join us with your kids then you are welcomed to do so. I won't be providing bait or guiding as I am focused on the kids that I am bringing. But of course, we can fish together and share stories together lah. Or if you and your kid are total newbies, I can help you get started. Fishing isn't meant to be difficult! Please note that this is only meant for SINCERE parents or folks with kids that just want to hang out together. Let me know at if you're keen or post here

Join Singapore Fishing Telegram Group!

In case you don't know, some of us started a no frills Singapore Fishing Telegram group. Download Telegram and go to to join! Participate in discussions that relate to fishing spots, fishing tackle, general fishing advice, fishing classifieds and many more. It really is just a free place to come connect with anglers and fishing kakis in Singapore. 

The five love languages for fishing

Have you ever thought of using the five love languages when it comes to fishing? Well, I had some time the other day and put together the below... Just for fun.

Fishing at Desaru Fish Farm, Malaysia

Picture taken from Facepalmfishing video (below) So quite some time back, we made the trip down to Desaru to fish at one of the fishing ponds . I'm not really sure it's called Brother pond now since there are other Brother ponds in Malaysia. No idea why that is a popular name. This time, brought Shawn Xue from and also Joshua, who hasn't gotten a fish on lure for ages. Guess what? Yes, kims again although the groupers weren't biting that day... we had loads of fun on light gear, visited some tackle shops in Malaysia later on and had a serving of cheap durian. Also, we got to fish with the awesome young blokes from Facepalmfishing. Check out their video coerage ;)

Sibu Light Jigging Fishing Trip with Ray Tan

Getting the kakis onboard a fishing trip that revolves around pure light jigging and casting was always going to be a far stretch. Getting good fish around our local and nearby waters takes a good amount of skill and luck. Weather conditions usually compound that problem further. So it was not without trepidation and skepticism that I put together this bait-less Pulau Sibu fishing trip. I was also mindful that my last trip there was two years ago so things may have changed dramatically. To make things worse, I loosely and blatantly promised Boon that he would be able to get his coral trout (ang gao) on jig during this trip. No matter though. With opposition political parties in Singapore promising the moon during every election, I figured that it was quite safe to do so since we can always blame luck in fishing. Very convenient. So I blamed luck as much as I could before, during and after this trip. The common keywords were "Wind", "Choppy", "Fish not eatin

Tips for light jigging at Changi waters: Golden Snapper frenzy with Changi Ah Fong

Very contented with nice size snappers! We released 3 to 4 pieces of smaller snapper and groupers. We also lost quite a few! Jigging for golden snapper in a frenzy was always the stuff of dreams for me. I watched too many Australian fishing shows where they jig the snappers just use soft plastics and it was always awesome. I was very blessed to experience this (locally some more!) recently although we were using light jigs (kurau jigs). Changi Ah Fong simply knows how to target them and he was top notch. The snappers were feeding aggressively that morning taking our jigs at the bottom and even all the way up to mid water! The takes were very hard, fight was tough and we even lost a few of them. Heck, David even managed a good 8lb barramundi in the morning! Some photos from our catches: David was the first to score a good snapper! Before that, he did this barramundi on kurau jig thing. Ah Fong teaching us how its done on bait Greedy gao on red mouse madai.

Fishing for Tarpon and Giant Herring in Singapore

We don’t usually deliberately go fishing for tarpon and giant herring in Singapore because they are so rare and dispersed. So I suppose we were fairly shocked when we were sight casting for them during a recent quickie Prince of Peace trip. In fact, they were in such huge numbers that hook ups were easy and they were responding to almost any sort of presentation (bait, jigs and even sinking minnows!). They were taking anything. Even a 40g jig! And lures... Acrobatics! Double hookup! Both tarpon and giant herring (ladyfish) tend to be in schools and rise to the surface of the water column quite regularly. Hence, any lure or jig presentation that is top water often works well. Lures like small poppers, surface cruisers, pencils and jigs/minnows work across the top water column are great. However, I was always told that we should be cautious when luring these supposedly shy fish as they may be extremely finicky. NOPE! They hit whatever was thrown at them (even apollo wi

Again having super meaty flower crabs from B&B Fishery Services!

Why are crabs so tasty and delicious? Why are flower crabs so delicious? I had another go at B&B Fishery Service's extra large and meaty flower crabs and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, this round was even better as ALL the crabs were meaty and of consistent quality. Remember I told them that were was one slightly water crab ? Seems like they took my feedback seriously and made sure quality was 100% good. The current batch of crabs (I'm told) are live crabs and delivered fresh right after harvest so there's no soaking in ice or transferring to markets to try and get them sold. This ensures that the crabs are as fresh as they can be and anyone who knows their crabs know that the meat quality deteriorates very quickly. In fact, once the crabs die, the deterioration process begins! Kudos to B&B for taking care of this very delicate but important challenge. Okay I talk too much. Here are the photos that I took! Recipe was just simple hua tiao wine, salt and

Fishing with Ah Fong (Pong), one of the best Changi fishing bumboat captain

Dad caught the first fish. Quite a huge kaci! Remember my article on how the Changi “bumboat fishing boatmen” are the last of their kind? I had a request from my dad the other day that he would like to try fishing on the bumboat again and I knew I just had to book a trip with Ah Fong, who is considered one of the best in the businesses. I fished with Ah Fong many years ago and he rarely disappointed. My dad’s friends wanted to join in too and it was a good reunion of sorts for my dad and his friends (they are all army regulars who have now retired). It was really cool that Ah Fong now accepts booking through WhatsApp and it was rather shocking that the price for booking the boat is still a very modest $450. I remember it being $450 years ago! Ah Fong’s contact: +65 9784 7166 Anyway, back to the fishing catch report. It was an extremely windy day so conditions were very challenging. In fact it was so rocky that I had to sit throughout the trip! Thankfully, nobody got seasick

How much does it cost to go fishing in Singapore?

The simplest questions asked are often the ones people ask all the time. Throughout my life, questions such as “where do you go fishing” or “Singapore got fish meh?” are often very common conversation starters. So I wondered out of curiosity how much really do we anglers or fishermen spend on our hobby. The result? I put together a very simple list below that doesn’t really conclude anything but if you have friends asking you about fishing costs (because they really don’t know or because they want to pick up fishing) then please show them this blog post. Fishing cost in Singapore is generally split up into equipment and trip cost since there are no local licenses that we need to purchase. Note that costs are in SGD and these costs are written from a Singaporean slant. Equipment cost Equipment cost refers to the fishing rods, reels, lines, hooks, sinkers, lures and accessories that one will need to buy when fishing. Costs are also very subjective here since there is a wide range of e

Bring Kids Fishing: 8 Useful Tips if you’re bringing them offshore fishing

A happy bunch enjoying their day What is the best way to introduce fishing to kids in Singapore? Well, you simply bring them fishing! You can teach them the basic fishing lessons and beginniner fishing lessons by simply bringing them fishing. This June School Holiday I brought some kids out for fishing with Prince of Peace fishing charters in Singapore (Jeff Tsen) which departs from SAF Yacht Club at Sembawang and although it was massively tiring, the trip went really well and everyone had some fun but also picked up some basic light offshore fishing around Pulau Ubin, Seletar and Changi waters. The kids did well! Contact for the Prince of Peace fishing boat: +65 9742 8579, Facebook I won’t be sharing on the narrative of the trip but rather here are some tips that can guide you if you’re planning such trips (if not you can sign them up for some basic fishing courses in Singapore). 1. Seasick The most important thing to take into consideration for offshore fishing is s

Eging Techniques - Hand Placements

Below are handle designs taken off from [ Majorcraft Japan ] from their complete range of eging specific rods.  TripleCross   Exizaust   Crosstage Zalts       Pandra   Raycal The common features on most eging rods... Padded reel seats and EVA handles with EVA butt ends. Many would understand the comfort of having an EVA handle and butt end, but why the padded reel seat design? For every design there is always a reason and the reason is so... The standard hand placement. It provides a good and secure grip so each and every knock, snag, take etc can be transferred directly onto your hands, giving as much feedback as possible. Egi rods however are built differently... The handles are far too short to balance out the rod's length. Even with the reel attached, the setup is still top heavy. The solution?   By shifting the hand forward, the fulcrum point will also shift and the rod's weight can be balanced out more evenly by using the weight of the reel as a counterweight. With the we

Fishing with Dad on Fish Stalker Fishing Charter Services (Marina South Pier)

It is always a good feeling to go fishing with the family (dad and brother) as we got to spend precious time together. This precious time seems little now that I have a family of my own. The quaint thing about fishing is that we usually don’t need to talk much during the trip but somehow that long pauses of silence and solace would often be peaceful. Much like how most guys spend time together. Just a no frills, no drama day out at sea and being able to soak in all of that is priceless. In fact, I found out during this trip that this priceless time together did not even need to involve dad catching fish. It seemed that he was contented enough to sit around and spend time with his sons just by being around. Additionally, he was also super proud and happy when both I and my brother caught some good fishes. Fishing wise wasn’t so good for the baiting folks during this trip. It seemed like the fish avoided live prawns at all cost! In fact, the fishes seemed to like artificial baits du