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Singapore Fishing Offshore Saloon by Jimmy Lim

It's not everyday or it's probably not ever that you would be able to get your hair cut onboard but Charter Captain Jimmy Lim did just that for me on my last trip out with him. He actually brought his saloon and cutting hair instruments to the boat for me! Before every trip with Jimmy lurked a fair bit of hope We started the day with Jimmy hitting some good baby trevallies on jigs but the action was slow and fishing was difficult... Soon, we had the boat anchored while Jimmy whipped out his scissors! As usual only Jimmy hitting fish  Fishing was hard. Jimmy was stressed Who said offshore fishing in Singapore was boring? Who said Singaporeans are not creative? Itchy ok Woohoo! Commando style treatment After the haircut, the difficult fishing became slightly better as two quick fire Grunters (Guhood) were landed in quick succession by the girlfriend (with some help)! Oh yeah! Be sure to try out offshore fishing Salon with Jimmy Lim the ne

Extra Large Flower Crabs from NTUC (Simple Steam Recipe)

I just gotta have my big flower crabs because I simply miss the fresh sweet taste... Ever since I stop doing crabbing in Singapore because of lack of good crabbing spots, I turned to NTUC... Luckily, Bukit Panjang Plaza NTUC sometimes has surprises during the flower crab season and this time I chanced upon some very large male and female flower crabs on sale at $12/kg. These were not live and were covered with shaved ice... but no matter because they were fairly fresh (for flower crabs standards) and they were super meaty at an average of 800g a crab! Extra large sizes! The females were huge too! I bought about 10 big crabs and went home to prepare simple ingredients for a quick steam. Since these crabs are already dead and chilled, quickly cook them as soon as possible... If you are not planning to cook them today, simply chuck them in the freezer. I clean crabs myself so I had no trouble preparing them for the steam! If you do not know how to clean crabs... here's how

Live Flower Crab Delivery from Ah Hua Kelong

In the past, I used to frequent Changi Offshores and Boat-fishing. This would mean I had a lot of opportunity to interact with local fishermen and kelong owners. We would pass by kelong owners who were setting out nets and would sell their catches to us for a good quickie price. This was how I came to know about Live Wild Flower Crabs and their awesome freshness/sweetness that no other crabs can provide! A previous cheap buy of live flower crabs from fishermen We used to buy them from local fishermen and netters at $4-$6 per kg and this was very cheap considering these were freshly caught (still alive!). The netters would sometimes throw in mantis and tiger prawns for free out of good will! The main benefit of eating wild flower crabs is that the meat is not mushy but very firm. The meat is also very sweet and appetizing! Compare this to market crabs from NTUC or even wet market and it is a NO CONTEST! Crabs bought at markets often spend hours inside ice or can even be the previo

Annual Warren Golf Course and Country Club (WGCC) Fishing Competition 2014

Fishing at the Warren Golf Course was always an annual thing for Warren Golf Course and Country Club and her members. Freshwater fishes like Toman, Peacock Bass, Tilapia, Carp would be bought and added into the pond on an annual basis. The competition is strictly catch and release (CNR) and that meant base fish stocks would always be healthy year after year. It was no different this year except that instead of participating, I was roped in to officiate and help with the fishes! I must admit that this year saw a large numbers of fishes (Toman, Peacock Bass) landed on lure probably because of the weather and the huge density of lurers this year. Lurers did not do so well previous years! Anyway, some good sized Toman were landed on lures and not surprisingly, they took the smaller minnows and lures. In fact, they took 65mm lures! Luring at the pond was always going to be a challenge since the fish were not "wild" Toman and probably are less aggressive. Everyone still had a