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Singapore's Favourite Snapper!

In this post, I'm going to share about another common fish that we encounter on our Singapore shores or even regional waters. This fish is none other than the Golden Snapper (Ang Cho/Kim Cho/Ungah). The snapper family has many species and variants but what I actually want to share are the 3 main "species" or rather "types" that Singaporean fishos encounter locally. The fish is so popular with the local fishing community that many paypond operators bring in this fish locally to release into their fishing ponds! This is because the fish (be it wild or farmed) gives an excellent account of itself during the fight and it is reasonable eating even when from the farm. Here's a breakdown of the three broad types that you will encounter as you fish our Singapore shores. One may ask, is there a difference at all?!?! Farmed Golden Snapper is probably the type that is more encountered by pond fishing kakis and these fish are bred in fishing farm or kelong nets unt

Singapore's Favourite Misunderstood Fish done with a 5C touch!

What are Singaporean fishing kaki's most favourite fish or what fish can represent Singapore? That is a common question that many of us wonder. Many of us would point to the legend of Red Hill in which swordfish or rather Todaks were part of the story. For most of us, the Catfish or "Ah Seng" takes the cake as being the number one fish that most budding or even experienced anglers catch! Many species of the Catfish are caught from our shores regularly - they come in three broad categories to say simply. They are the Ikan Duri (forked tailed marine catfish (silver), Sembilang (Eel Tailed Catfish) and Belukang (Sergeant Major or Shit Seng). There are many other species such as the Jahan, Usat and so on but I'll leave that to the experts! Most of us (especially the Chinese) loath this fish as it does not taste great (apparently it is "smelly" and the fishy taste is very strong) when you do not know how to prepare it. Worse still, most Catfish give sluggish f