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Changi Offshore 26 April 2011 With Some Relatives

I had a good ol Changi offshore with some of my uncles and my cousin. My dad couldn't make it as he was busy at work so we were all a little disappointed though. The water condition was bad today and it was sort of brown and a little smelly. There seemed to be an oil spill and we could see the oil response team in action. The captain mr chong said the water also was spoiled due to the river flooding in Kota Tingi due to the freshwater rainfall over the past few days. Schools of baitfish and even big fishes like queens can be seen sticking near the surface and swimming very sluggishly. We were still optimistic and rode our luck though. Action was very slow for the morning and looking at the tide, we thought things would improve after lunch... but even as high tide came in, the fishes were not feeding. A thing to note was small fishes were not around today. All fishes were almost around the kg mark or over except for the small snapper and grunter. We saw something surprising though

Pekan April Fishing For Ebek (Light Jigging)

We last visited Pekan last year in October where we had our yearly Sailfish pilgrimage. This time, we were here for the Ebek also known as the Diamond Trevally. And we did manage a few of them although they weren't around in good numbers. We started the long 4hr drive up on a Friday night and reached the captain's house at around 5am in the morning and we took a quick nap. At 730am we woke the captain up and went to get our usual breakfast, drinks and lunch. According to him, he couldn't get out the past few days as it was very choppy and today was also a big question mark. Luckily, as we got out of the river mouth, it was choppy but still fine. Bringing the green horn out We had an ass bumping time to the first spot but the spot wasted no time in giving us some ebek fever. A triple hookup ensued after around 10 minutes of eternity. 3 of us were doing some light jigging but the fishes took live prawns set out for them. Sadly, one was lost when the line went bust.

New Toy: Ryobi Artica 3000 Fishing Reel

Hi everyone, I'm just back from my light jigging and bottom fishing trip at Pekan seas. A pity the outboard broke down on the second day if not the catch would have been better. We hit our target fishes of Ebek and i even got a good monster surprise on light tackle. Will be posting it up soon but here's a mini post first. I got myself a new reel and i will be using it for light jigging/popping. It's a very affordable and decent looking reel. I admit i look for a sturdy bail arm in a reel and Ryobi reels have good strong frames but they are a little heavy. Here's my new toy! Gear Ratio: 5.0:1 Weight 305g 5 Ball Bearings Line Capacity (PE/No.): PE4-140M, PE5-120M Drag: 5kg Full aluminum metal body. Full metal spool with carbon fiber. Machined round knob power handle. Power handle & power knob Drag is a little low but it can always be upgraded... handle and knob don't really fit the body but i only got it for $95 so what can i complain for? Only dil

Tropical Island Offshore Fishing and Relaxation at Pulau Tinggi Day 2

After our good rest, everyone woke each other up at 4am in the morning. It will be our next timing to fish and we are damn excited. All live prawns still in good condition and we got our barang barang and loaded up the boat once again. Had a quick breakfast before boarding the boat... Captain drove the boat slowly to the first spot and it was only 30minutes away.... Less than 5 minutes into the action using freshly sliced green eye squid, we started hitting ang kueys aka red snapper... hehehe.... We had a few incident when the fish will swallow hooks from multiple lines and the anglers found out they caught the same fish later on.... Sadly, the current died down and so did the bite rate... Not to worry we headed to the reef area to fish other species. We were very disappointed with fishing in the morning at the reef area as there weren't even small fish around but at the last spot before lunch time the magical time came... It was quite chaotic as the action was heavy here. Rod