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Bubu (fish trap) fishing with Jeff Tsen, Dr. Rod

All in a few hours of tough work! Want to do a "Singapore Deadliest Catch?" Jeff, our usual go to guy when we need fresh fish and some fishing action asked me if I wanted to retrieve and deploy some bubus and I think almost instantly, I said "let's go!" Pulling bubus in Singapore can be an extremely difficult and grueling style of fishing but it is rewarding. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually very sustainable as you can keep what you want and it also doesn't pollute the ocean (unless of course your bubu got lost which nobody wants) We set sail from Sembawang Yacht Club to pull the bubus and wondered whether we would have enough to "keep for CNY", a Singaporean thing in which every end of the year to CNY, everything also we want to keep for CNY. So what was the CR except for the extremely back breaking work? Some of the bubus were full of fish, one had two crabs while one had only one giant puffer fish which looked like it ate all the other

Ah Fong Fishing Changi Trips in Dec 2022

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nigel Lian πŸ‡ΈπŸŸπŸ‡¬ (@baktao) @baktao Casting jigs for mangrove jacks in Singapore. Try this out! #jigging #casting #snapper #fishing #kuraujigs #jig #sgfishing #fishing #mangrovejack #fish #fishingtip #fishingtips #fishingtechnique #fishing101 #profishing #jiggingchallenge ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim @baktao Ah Fong Fishing. Good catch, red carpet. #fishing #singapore #sg #sgfyp #fypsg #singaporetiktok #sgtiktok #sgfishing #changi ♬ μ˜€λ¦¬μ§€λ„ μ‚¬μš΄λ“œ - 🫢 - λ™λŒ€λ¬Έκ΅¬ μΉ΄λ¦¬λ‚˜

Fishing for Giant Trevally (GT) at GT Fishing Pond with an Eging Rod? Why not!

Tackle that made the difference Eging: Zenaq Assaut Esperto Spada 80 / Shimano Vanquish C3000 / Fins PRT 8lb braid / Seaguar #7 FXR General casting: Zenaq Jigger Trust T60-1 / Shimano Stella 4000M / PE 1.5 line from Angler's Hut / Seaguar #10 FXR Photos of the epic day I actually did better than I expected by landing 2 GTs and 1 Barramundi on the eging setup. Landed 1 GT on the general casting setup. I guess fish were quite friendly that day. Beautiful photo by Sherwinder Chonky mangrove jack Envy that size! Fun day of eging My lure got stuck on the umbrella. When it dropped into the water, boom! Barra! Felt a bit like toman fishing. Contact for GT fishing pond Do note that the lease for Aunty Fishing Pond is ending soon so act fast to try eging at at a GT pond! Contact for GT fishing pond here . Enjoy the TikTok videos! @baktao Eging at Singapore's one and only GT fishing pond. Sad that this place will close middle 2023. #fishing #sg #singapore #sgtiktok #sgfishing #

Top 20 Fishing Catch Reports by Jeff at Sembawang in 2022

  🩲 It's the end of 2022 soon. Have you caught your new year resolution fish? Pulling up Captain Underpants top 20 boat and sampan catches of the year, according to my own feelings. If you want to try fishing with Jeff, you can get his contact at this page . Cost sharing trips only! Photos by Jeff FB page ---------------- Unbeatable local mouse grouper! Jeff's Deckies This is a superb tasting fish but he released it. Very weird of him. Massive Barramundi. Look at the size! Sembawang Fishery Port open for business Brilliant ang cho, huge by Changi standards Again a super massive kbl! Monster seabass! Queensland grouper also have Productive sampan fishing from Sembawang Pro Fishing Pond I have to feature myself lah. Another day at Sembawang fishing spot! I also have to feature some of my friends. Wild barramundi with brilliant yellow tail colouration Jeff fought this pretty ang cho right in front of me on very light gear! This floor shot deserves a mention because of the chonky

Sampan Fishing Singapore at Sembawang with Jeff Tsen, Dr Rod from RodStation

Missed another one. It swallowed the bait but didn't hook up correctly. All I got back was some rough leader. Long time never go "Sampan Fishing" already. In fact, my last trip doing it was in 2017 where I caught a decent size mangrove jack (the red red big big kind). I'll state it quite clearly: If you're looking to catch a decent barramundi, a sampan fishing trip is the way to go. No, I am not talking about those Frankenstein kind of barramundi that belong to the kelong nets but the kind that still actively chases large schools of mullet.  Some basic information about sampan trips: The fishing is around the Sembawang area. Jeff has excellent fishing spots where it is snaggy and full of rocks. There are also numerous mullet schools around. These make excellent fishing for barramundi, grouper, snapper, tarpon, barracuda. It is one of those fishing spots in Singapore that you can fish for just a few hours and "get lucky". Super ideal if you don't hav

Desaru Fishing Trip on "Desaru Ahlong" with Kraken Gear SME, Javier the Encik and Sherwinder Tay

I think we actually did poorly during the frenzy. We lost a few non sagai fish. Ah Du also caught and released a decent goldie.  "So, this will be a tenggiri batang jigging trip ya. Anyone caught using micro jigs will be thrown off board because we don't want any sagai shit happening." We started the trip off with this mindset which was promising and I felt somewhat vindicated in my efforts. I always tell folks that when you go fishing in Desaru, dream big when jigging. Instead of fooling around with micro jigs, one should try bigger jigs especially when combing the bottom for tenggiri and snapper.  Or that's what we thought lah. We didn't even last the first spot. I mean, we started out well with big jigs and all but we slowly started to degrade into sagai kakis. Even the last man standing, Sherwinder, also changed to smaller jigs to catch some sagai. Kraken Gear Ah Du getting ready The crew setting up shop We even got chided by Captain Ah Long of Desaru who lite

Tee King Chong Merchong Fishing August 2022

The story of the trip... It's been too long since we visited Merchong so we hastily arranged a 1 day sortie to Merchong since the restrictions have lifted. It was a self drive trip so we had a little flexibility.  Showing the trip report in a photo journey way :) First step was 叀ζ₯ε‹ζ˜Ž Restaurant Yuw Meng over at Kulai where we had our dinner! Their signature pork ribs Fried ice cream! Another signature of theirs. Their hokkien mee is still good. I would say the best in JB. Pineapple pork intestines was surprisingly good. Fried squirrel! Steamed prawns two styles Freshly ground fruit juice First we settled into the chalet... How nostalgic! The rustic feels Private jetty Even the room was so familiar Managed to get a few sotongs at nail island aka pulau berhala The trusty lunch box Love the space of the boat! Can fit 8 pax easily Ah Chong sort of turned into a rockstar and kept casting but kept getting the thrash fish. Hmmm... Shark! No, Cobia... Heavy! Foul hooked... Lawrence nailed