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An overview of adventure fishing trip to Meemu Mulah, Maldives

With the famous boatman Shawn Maldives still is one of the best fishing destinations that all anglers dream of. The crystal clear waters, the pristine beaches and the occasional catch report from the fishing forums all scream to us. A few weeks back, when a chance to go for a fishing trip (with some exploration of course) came knocking, I knew there was no turning back. I grabbed the famous Shawn from and he too said yes without any hesitation. He asked me, “So what’s the fishing like and what’s going to happen?” My reply was, “I really don’t know. We hear stories from our friends but those are from the big game charters, luxury fishing boats and people pay thousands to fish from these. I think we’ll just go with local fishing boats and cast our lines from the island. Should be decent fishing but light tackle is okay.” So both of us just packed lightly, did some research and at the end of the day, our main fishing gears weren’t really what o

Pink Tenya for Fishing 100g and 120g available

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10 benefits of why you should let your boyfriend or husband go fishing

The things of the world keep changing all the time. We see numerous technological advances, the rise and fall of civilizations and no human being is spared from change. One thing however, will not change and that is men will always be men. Man caves will always exist and fishing is one popular man activity that will continue to exist as long there are still fishes to be caught. My boyfriend, the shy Baktao is such a man. I’ve seen men get shackled by their wives and “banned” from fishing and I wonder, why can’t some women or girls see the benefits of letting their boys go out for fish or two? Baktao has been going fishing quite often and there are certainly more positives than negatives. Below are 10 of them. 1. The woman will always have fish to eat  Not all men catch and release their prized catches. Some bring all sorts of tasty fishes like groupers, snappers, stingray back to their home. These fishes, prepared the right way, give you a culinary experience you won’t forget.