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Southern Islands / St John's Island / Sister Island "Sure Heng, Sure Sleep" Offshore Fishing

Received a shoutout from Alan Chan from the Hooked fishing team about some vacancies on the famous Sure Heng at Southern Islands and I thought why not? Sure Heng sets off from RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club) and it was near me! Sure Heng trips centre alot on Madai / Tai Kabura, Inchiku, Slow Fall Jigs although there is a fair bit of micro and light jigging too. Fishing grounds are the Southern Islands which can consist of Bukom, Pawai, Sudong, St John's, Sisters, Hantu, Semakau etc. Weather was good for this trip but that didn't make a difference as the day started out brighly but ebbed into complete misery for some of us. The theme of the day was probably carpie diem or rather sieze the chance to catch good fish while they were biting.... problem was, they only started biting from 9am - 11am and zilch after that. Nevertheless, some good fishes were landed on the boat by only artificial baits at the ever famous St John's channel. It was here that the famous Sin

Digging for Shellfish (Clams, mussels, oysters) Guide

Today is a day where I find myself with totally no mood to do just about anything except sharing my experience with my readers. And here it is, the holy grail of digging for shell fish is born! Before I start, I want to let all readers know that this guide should be used as a reference only and should you have a better way, do go ahead yourselves! Please also do not use this guide as a safety guide and assume that whatever I have covered is sufficient. There can be many safety issues on a beach such as Saltwater Crocodiles to fatal Blue Ring Octopuses or even sinking into the mud and being devoured by it. The purpose of this guide would serve to let those of us with no prior experience of digging for shellfish get a head start in what is a free and fun actvitity for the family - something which is pretty rare in Singapore these days! The Purpose of Digging? I have been facing this question many times when friends or relatives tell me... why Dig when a few kg of clams merely cos

Tioman Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort Review

Tioman Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort was on the Baktao's agenda after countless fishing trips and this was a rather relaxing trip. He got the deal from Discovery Tours Singapore - Just do a search for Discovery Tours Tioman Paya and you can get all the information from their site. The usual arrangement was to meet outside Galleria (DFS) outside Scotts road and the coach would then take you to Tanjong Gemok to board the ferry to Tioman. There would be a tour guide all the way till Tanjong Gemok but once you board the ferry, it's all free and easy - pretty nifty arrangement this! I booked the full board package meaning all my meals would be provided for and there was a "Renggis Island and Marine Park" snorkeling trip out. Note that there are many resorts at Paya Beach and one may get confused there. The trick was to turn left after the jetty and walk on! You'll see the sign once you reach Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort or rather Paya Beach Resort (PBR). Duri

Bishan Haibin Prawning Closing Down

Received some sad news as it was confirmed by Haibin (Bishan Prawning) that they will be closing down their prawning ponds at Bishan soon. Their prawning facilities at Bishan are their biggest and most popular branch and will be fondly missed by many including myself. Not sure if they will release more prawns on their closing day or will they be "clearing stock" though. Prawn fishing must be a tough business! Here's the details... Last day of operation: 7th September 2013, 2359hrs They have other branches too at Punggol (6 Tebing Lane, #01-04, Singapore 828835, Tel: 64478693) and Jurong Birdpark (241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim / The Village, Singapore 629143, Tel: 62652598) Here's the official snapshot from their twitter/facebook