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Ang Chor Golden Snapper Fishing with Wreckhunter

Joined the gang for another hardcore bashing time at Southern Islands. We reached Botak Hill to catch our live squids as usual but there werent many squids today. However, the squids were very good size... They are the one shot one kill type of squids. I tested out my Daiwa MD Mini squid jigs and caught a few small arrowhead... kekeke... After we caught around 20 squid, we set off for the bashing around midnight. We decided to keep half of the squids for morning because the current will pick up during daybreak. The boatman told us that will be the best timing tonight. Hehehe... During the trip we are always talking about the 30kg Cobia that ran away and we wondered if there would be any Cobia this time round... We are not really sure and after some time we reached the first spot. I took a live squid and baited it down. Current was not strong and size 16 was able to hold. Reeling up quite a few cranks from the bottom because i was using a long leader around 2 siam, i made sure i h

Claypot Ang Cho Fish Head

On a recent Southern Island Trip , I caught some Ang Cho... I brought back my Ang Cho from this trip and on Saturday, i cut up the Ang Cho and didn't know what to do with it. The fish was too big and would not taste so good if we steamed it. In the end, we decided to go for claypot fish head... kekeke... These are the main ingredients used... I forgot to take picture of the prawn, flour and egg yolk plus the other seasonings... Ang Cho Head and some slices Slightly fry the ang cho first... but do not fry it until no juice left Fry all the ingredients properly and add the ang cho in to boil with it... Kekeke After you feel the fried ang cho have soaked up all the juices and become tender, you can stop cooking it...Hehe.. yum yum...