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Five ways to cook and enjoy your golden snapper (ang cho)

Most of know the golden snapper (also known as ang cho, jenahak) and this fish is exceptionally good eating but also offers a great fight on rod and reel. Over the years, golden snappers have been targeted using more novel fishing methods like slow fall jigging or light jigging. That said, the traditional way to fish them (at least in Singapore) would still be at night using squid bait or mantis prawns . Here’s a handy list on how to cook these wonderful eating fish. Remember that if you can bleed the fish or eat the fish on the same day (without freezing), the quality of the meat would be much better. This fish also doesn’t suffer from meat stiffness or the “lor kor” effect. For bigger fish, you can slice steak cuts of the fish for steaming or frying. 1. Steamed fish Steaming the golden snapper is one of most recommended ways to enjoy it. You can choose from many different ways of steaming (Hong Kong style, Teochew style, Assam steam) as the fish is quite versatile. My favou

Nine predictions of Singapore’s fishing future in the next century or so

Fishing has always been a hobby and a way of life for many Singaporeans. Proud fathers have brought their sons (or daughters) out to catch their first big fish and their children have brought their own children out as well. My own father brought me on my very first fishing trip to Bedok Jetty at East Coast Park and when I caught my first tambans, I could see my father being quietly proud. I never knew what it meant back then until recently when I brought my dad and younger brother on an offshore fishing trip. Such a sweet role reversal and a subtle positive feeling that. Singaporeans as a community have been talking about the future of Singapore – jobs, infrastructure, quality of living and so on, but has anyone thought about the future of fishing in Singapore? Looking at how the Singapore Government treats fishing in general, I really doubt so. The future of fishing would probably be the last thing in their yearly desired achievements. Below, I predict some of the key trends t

Fishing, cooking and eating river half beak

Do you know that one of the tastiest and easiest to catch fish is the river half beak? It is present in many salt-water or brackish water bodies and can be easily caught with bread or a little prawn bait. Floated rigs or sight casting some bait at these cute fish work very well. Note that this is not to be confused with the larger half beak species. Fry it the same way you would fry whitings (swa jiam). It's actually sweeter than whitings and a crispier beer snack since it is less meaty and gets really crispy easily. Some pictures of a simple outing I went on last year to get some of these for a snack. Some other fishes came along the way (including some whiting) so I had to eat all of them. Coat them evenly Fry till golden and crispy Served! Simple recipe: 1) Mix all purpose plain flour with black pepper, sea salt and oregano. Feel free to tweak the seasoning according to your preference. 2) Coat the fish evenly 3) Proceed to fry till golden and crispy

Daiwa Ishidai Genpaoh 40 Fishing Reel Unboxing

I've never really done and unboxing before as I saw no need for most reels found in the market. There was always some resource on them whether in the form of tackle reviews, videos and so on. That was not true for the Daiwa Ishidai Genpaoh 40 though. There were only bits and pieces on the Internet and not even any promotional videos and information. I'm going to be using the Genpao for night bottom fishing (cracking heavy sinkers) so don't ask me about using this reel for conventional jigging or slow fall jigging. You might wanna take a look at the Reel Spa (Calvin) video in which an Ishidai Genpaoh is being tuned up to do those. The reel should also be an excellent choice for wreck fishing due to its drag (15kg) and also very high retrieve per crank (111 cm). Reel specifications for Genpao 40 Line retrieve per crank 111cm Weight 705g Drag 15kg PE10-200m, PE20-150m Handle length 85mm Gear ration 5:9 For official reel specifications:

Fishing with Seacharter (Daniel) around Tuas waters, Singapore

The last time that I fish Tuas waters on an offshore trip was 10 years back . Back then, I went with this fishing charter boatman called “Ah Poh”. The boat was small and only for four passengers and had no toilet. I was very impressed by the snappers that we were hauling up though! Recently, we tried this fishing charter which was very literally named as “Seacharter”. The fishing charter has three boats to choose from (full details below) and we chose SC-01 which was skippered by Daniel. First thought was when I boarded the boat was that this was a very low boat and was perfect for some light offshore baiting. As for the fishing action, spots were mostly rocky and coral patches near breakers, channels and near docks/jetties/wharves. Action was quite consistent and the species that seemed to appear more were groupers. I caught four groupers that day (3 on Kurau Deep 150g jig and 1 on bait) and I was pretty surprised that when aggressive, groupers will hit jigs that are even 10

Running a Contest Giveaway for complimentary 3 qty of 1 hour of pole fishing at Ah Hua Fishing!

Hello all readers, in case you don't know, I'm running this giveaway right now till end of the month. To participate, simply go to and follow the instructions! May the prawns of good luck be with you :)

Abang Southern Island Singapore "Snapper" Fishing Trip March 2019

The last "Abang" southern island night offshore fishing trip? 17 September 2011 ( See here ). I remembered good old Shawn of catching a fish head and nothing more. Not sure why I didn’t go night fishing for the last 8 years but I like to tell people that night fishing was for young folks and that I wasn’t getting younger. It all changed one evening as the usual kakis were dreading the heat during the day Southern Island/Tuas offshore fishing and casual conversations about the myths of 12kg golden snappers during night trips got to us. All too soon, we were gathering up our dusty gear and our old night fishing terminal tackles (rangongs, giant swivels and big sinkers up to size 24) to go on a somewhat “refresher” night offshore fishing trip. We only had 20 bullets or so... We weren’t rusty though and Abang didn’t disappoint with his astute as always attitude towards night fishing. It simply was a matter of letting time pass (and the fish to get o

Ah Hua Fishing and Prawning at Neo Tiew Lane 2, Gallop Kranji Farm Resort (formerly D Kranji Resort) visit

I’ve always loved pole fishing ever since I tried it years ago at Pasir Ris Pro fishing pond (PRPP). Back then at the pole fishing pond, they stocked golden pomfret (kim chio), snappers, groupers, red drum (taiwan ngor) and even barramundi (KBL). So, when I heard that Ah Hua Fishing has a catch and keep pole fishing pond, I knew I just had to go and see for myself. It just took a few minutes to gather some kakis and we visited one weekday afternoon. In my heart, I knew, “where got so easy to land a lot of fishes one…”. But I suppose we convinced ourselves that even if have no fish, we could also do some prawning and have a good prawn BBQ dinner. So fast forward to the trip… the first thing that we noticed when we arrived at Ah Hua Fishing and Prawning pond was that the water was crystal clear! We could see the fishes in the fishing pond clearly and even count how many there were. Likewise, for the prawning pond, we could see orange yabbies’, blue yabbies’ and blue mountain prawn