Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent Weather At Pekan, Rompin Malaysia

Recent weather At Pekan, Rompin Malaysia is reported to bad over this past few days. Pekan Ah boy, Pekan rickey and Pekan Ah Hong mentioned of a typhoon that is going to come in a few days time. I have a jigging trip at Pekan this saturday and sunday.... Hope we still can go out and i can use my madai, inchiku and ima gun.... hahaha.....
Let's pray for good weather for fishing....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is Madai Jigging?

Madai jigging and inchiku jigging is getting popular in our waters due to new Japanese concepts that local Singapore is getting crazy on. The fish are responding well to Madai jigging as it is probably something they have never seen before.

Madai jigging in Singapore works by drop shotting the 'octopus-like' jig straight into the coral reef system and work the jig by bouncing it at the bottom. As a result, many bottom fishes like the grouper and curious parrotfish or wrasse get hooked up. Madai jigging is effective because we can target the coral reef extensively and have less chance of snagging or getting stuck.

A giant grouper by Madai jigging by henry ho best bet fishing from Hope AC dun kill me as i steal his

Inchiku is also another type of jigging that is new and involves the use of a rubber skirt attached to a metal body. You can adjust where you clip your swivel to or attach the rubber skirt to different areas of the inchiku.... How i work it is that i cast it out and let it sink to the bottom of the reef. I work it by bouncing it off the bottom and reeling back. I work it alot like eging for squid. It will attract fish on the drop and you can pause on the seabed if you want to attract fish but it will result in more snag.

Some catches on Inchiku

You can get Maria, Jigging master, Daiwa madai jigs in Singapore... The ones that i got recently are from Anglers Outfitters. They were having some sale of their Maria Oiran madai jigs so i grabbed a few. The stock hooks look very weak though although the 120g version featured a stronger hook. I attached some DIY rubber skirt and hooks to the madai jig. Hopefully, it will land me some good fishes in my upcoming trip. I will be using an Accurate boss magnum 197 with a Calstar 600XL 10-25lbs to work these madai...

Maria Oiran various weights

DIY modification of the madai jigs (changed after comments from a reader. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chop Hock Heng Closing Down

Hi guys, I just read from Alan's blog that Chop Hock Heng fishing tackle shop will be closing down by the end of March 2012. They will be closing retail operations. Chop Hock Heng are one of the oldest tackle shops in Singapore and it joins five dots in closing down. The stretch of tackleshops at Beach road is now never the same that Sabre Tackle and Chop Hock Heng are gone.

So go down and grab the house brands of Chop Hock Heng before the retail shop cloes. Hunch is that other tackle shops will be grabbing existing stocks of these jigs like white rabbit, protech and they will probably be selling them at a more expensive price!

Btw, there is no indication that there will be any closing down sales so don't bet on it!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tukun Perak, Penang Popping/Jigging 2011

I'm finally blogging about this trip after a few months. I'm not putting hopes on receiving the rest of the pictures anymore so i'll just blog with what i have. This is my virgin 'Popping for GT' trip and well what else can i say except i was DAMN EXCITED. Clarence was organising this trip and he was the solid kaki as usual, loaning me his reel and rods so i can try popping. He warned me that it's best to try first and get my own set afterwards.

Penang Airport

Our boat GT Challenger

With the famous pekan ricky

Approaching Tukun Perak

Well, the start of the trip was very optimistic, we hit a good sized Wahoo on rapala magnum 14 red head. Calm weather was present when we approached Tukun Perak. On the first cast, a GT was lost on Popper and it was all silent.


EL Toro



Popping with Tom



But action soon picked up with Jamie hitting GT on jig, Dorado being landed, and a GT of 16kg being landed.... Action died down after the current went off and after that the strong winds picked up and we were forced to hide behind the Island. Later when we got back, we heard that a Typhoon had picked up in Sumatra and that was the reason for the Typhoon.

Big GT

Big strong winds

The next few days were hanging around at the Island and we couldn't move anywhere due to the strong winds. Sigh.... but there were periods of time when the current wasn't so strong and i was playing a light jig of 100g. Boy it was fun when you know what speed the fish wants the jig played at and what jigs to use! I landed a 9lbs Big Eyed Tuna (Not Skipjack!) on 100g Whiterabbit MJ 3000 on a PE 1-3 light tackle! This was apparently sashimi grade tuna and later ended up being sliced and diced and eaten!

The MJ 3000 and MJ 5000 was very effective. I hit a big Wahoo on the jigs with light tackle but later on failed to land it because the leader got cut off at boatside. Also managed to get stripped and cut off by unknown fishes. I got cut off by one which Jamie later landed! It was a great barracuda. My Varivas Casting PE blue line was stil in it's mouth! Amazing stuff!

Big eyed Tuna


Anyway, that's almost everything i guess. The deckie landed a 20lbs orange spotted gao tun or giant grouper when we stopped by to jig for baitfish.... he landed it with a 200g flat jig. Good stuff i guess. We also landed a good amount of ang cho or golden snapper at night on mantis prawns lol sorry no pictures. But they are around 4kg size around 10pcs landed.

Gao tun on jig. Tom posed.

I'll be back for popping..... it does seem i will get my own set in the future hehehehe....


End of the trip Sashimi.... Beats any restaurant Tuna hands down i can tell u....


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kalin's Mogambo Grub and Cabelas Bucktail Jigs

Hi guys, jigging season is starting soon and i got myself some rubber jigheads and bucktail jigss to play with. I guess they will be good as fishes are not used to them yet. Will be using them for Trevally species in pekan and rompin etc. I have some 10g bucktails for micro jigging use as well hehehe...

Kalin's Mogambo 6 inch rigged with Kalin's jighead 56g. Bucktail jigs from 40g to 56g and 10g as well....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fish Farm Adventures

Recently, i made a trip to a fish farm east of Singapore. It was an extremely last minute trip and my uncle only called me the night before saying that his friends knew some of the fish farm boss and let's all go up for some fishing. Well, it was a long time since i did some baiting so i was a little hesistant but i went along anyway....
Ahoy matey!
Looking back at the storm

The weather was really bad and usually this means the sea will be full of active catfish... Yes we were right.... Catfish small and big were brought up. Tide was going down and water was good for jigging some baitfish so i jigged a few baitfish up which looked like some selar papan. Hooked one with a paternoster rig and dropped it directly below the stilts at the middle of the farm... This was to target groupers and snappers.

My uncle and his friends were casting away from the kelong targetting the stingrays, catfish, chermin etc. According to my uncle he got a very big hit last week and couldn't bring the fish up. All of them were aiming a rocky area which was some distance from the kelong.

I was dozing off when they were shouting to me saying my rod has bent all the way lol.... I got to my rod and gave a strike and yes there was a fish on....only thing was it got stuck at the stilts...oh no... It must be the grouper for sure... made a big round and pull the line from the other side. Yes it got out! But.... a Golden Snapper aka Ang Cho came up! Whoa!!!

The fish bite at the moment the current turn but after that no more.... baited some sabikis and had fun getting jio lors aka javelin fish of different sizes....

Dear sir, some food please?
Nothing more for the rest of the day though... Total catch below! Baby ray was released

But... it's still better than a day out at work! I think i'll be back. Hehehe....