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25 - 27 December Sibu Kelong: Monsoon? What Monsoon?!

Another trip to the Sibu Kelongs was on the cards. We were planning to catch the long Christmas weekend. 6 of us were joining Cheong’s kakis which numbered some 50 pax. Some arrangements were made and some old friends were reunited. I made some last minute designs on a sinker with a rubber squid. These will be used as sinkers on my Sabiki rig. I saw Roger got a Chermin on his last trip to Sibu with rubber worms so I thought why not? Since I have some time, I tied a few pcs that might hopefully get me some trevally species. I prepared the usual Yamashita Squid Jigs too. 6 of us had ample space on a mini van meant for 10. There was no squeezing and bustling. We left early and hit the causeway at 6am! Everything went smoothly this time. No engine oil breakdown and no lost drivers. We even had time to eat at the famous Kiang Kee bakuteh stall! We spent easily close to 1 hour there having a good time talking about our past catches and how everyone has been this few months. It’s alwa

Geylang Badminton Hall Prawning!

Today we went down to Joe Tackle and Chop Hock Heng to get some Sabiki, sinkers, hooks and squid jigs for our coming Sibu Trip. I got a few Yamashita Warming Jacket Egi Oh from Joe's. They are pricey but i'm keen to try them out. We also found out that Joe was going prawning later with his secret bait! So we decided to tag along and test out the bait too! The bait was actually packed and preserved hey bio (krill shrimp). I found out it was too mushy and drops easily. However, it packs a real punch with the smell. There was a slight difference using this compared to the chicken liver bait. Then again, the prawns weren't biting that day.  It seems to be getting worse by the day. I still preferred the TTH (Tua Tao Hei) prawning outlet last time. Their prawns were REALLY HUGE... their smallest prawns are what you call big prawns today! So much for the pathetic catch... Let's hope we're storing up luck...

Pasir Ris Farmway 3 CNR Pond with Tian

After watching recent episodes of Robson Green at work in Extreme Fishing, AG and I were itching for a bit of fishing. We chose Pasir Ris farmway 3 for its longer cheaper fishing hours compared to Punggol Pond. We had Tian tag along too. It was his first time there. We got a variety of baits from chicken liver, cockles and my secret bait which was dead milkfish. When we reached the pond, we were mildly concerned as it was way too crowded. We made our way to a little corner and got ourselves started. The bite rates were slow in the night. It only picked up in sporadic moments when the rain ceased. We managed to burst off a few Chao Phraya catfish and caught some patin though. I had one which took me for a ride. When morning came, we were more optimistic. We started using our dead milkfish for the Barramundi and Red Tail Cats. The bites were furious for the whole pond. Big Kims were being landed. I casted just meters from the pump and was caught in a big battle. I knew it was a red t

Chermin at Changi Offshore

And so our stream of not so lucky fishing adventure continues… This time the crew is on a day trip to the sunny, calm and bountiful Changi seas. The downpour last night did not dampen our spirits. It can be said that we brought up a buffet to the boat! There were 8 of us so that boat was rocking its way along. 8 well endowed orangs It was spring tide today and I wasn’t that sure about the quantity of fishes landed today. Spring tides usually bring about fishes like the Diamond Trevally and Giant Herring in these waters. Off to the fish farm to buy the live prawns... Captain Chong ventured all the way out to the CNB area to drift for the DTs. We spent quite a lot of time there but no hits! We went near to shore around lunch time at a new spot which was supposedly hot. We were drifting along some pontoons that were marooned at the beach. The area around the pontoons was extremely rocky. I got a mini grouper by bouncing off those rocks. The fish were just below the pontoon. Alrea

Sailfish Fishing Trip Turned Into Road Trip

This is a long overdue post so i shall just briefly skip through. We were supposed to go out Sailfishing but the monsoon decided to huff and puff away. We were told by our boatman that chances were slim but we pressed ahead anyway while making alternative plans! In fact, the boatman went out alone past few days and caught so much Ebek that we stared at the fishes inside his freezer. Needless to say, the title means no fishing! The monsoon was underway and there was no way we could fish. We went everywhere in search of a willing boatman... Mersing... Merchong... Nenasi... all said no. Well at least we found some contact hahaha.... We went to makan at Rompin and found out its the freshwater wild river prawn season but we didnt have any rod and reel with us. Yes, they use rod and reel for the prawns. So we decided to explore Endau Rompin National Park. Hahaha... Yup up the hill we went with nothing but a GPS. After circling and circling we finally found a water hole.... and guess