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Sampan fishing trips with Jeff Tsen in Sembawang, Singapore (2017 update)

"Huh, you mean on sampan fishing trips, we can spin live prawns like how we do in fishing pay ponds in Singapore?" That was the pivotal question that we asked ourselves before we went to board the sampan. I've went for sampan fishing with Jeff before and it was quite a good experience in urban Singapore (where every sort of lobang and fishing spot is now fenced up...). The instructions were simple: Light rod 5ft, size 1000 sized reel. Leader line of 30lbs, hooks size 1/0. No need for split shots. One might expect pay pond sized fishes when looking at the tackle requirement but no… after a few trips, we had a few decent sized fish. We met with the wild magnificent mangrove jack (ang ka tia), wild barramundis, wild groupers, some tarpon and even herring. What are some tips if you are going sampan fishing with Jeff? The one tip that I know will work is hard work. Some nights, the fishes are just elusive and don’t want to move their mouth. You have to keep searching,