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Fishing for Hirasuzki (Blackfin Seabass) with the best fishing guide in Korea

Hirasuzuki fishing experience in Jeju I've never thought I'd be fishing in Korea all my life. Seriously! So when the opportunity to do some fishing in Jeju popped up, I couldn't say no. It was a completely gut based decision based on the goal that was to eat the korean hirasuzuki also known as blackfin seabass. I heard that the fight of the fish wasn't that great but I was very curious about eating it! To make my fishing dream come true, I engaged Hyunwook, whom I think is the best fishing guide in Korea and didn't regret it one bit (read below).  Family Fishing Holiday  This trip to Jeju was meant as a family holiday so I only had a day or two to go fishing for the hirasuzuki. It also meant I had to go fishing at night which was perfect since Hyunwook, said night fishing for hirasuzuki is the norm and recommended. So it was family outings in the day for me and then over to night luring! Since it was a family holiday, I did not bring anything and all equipment was