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Malaysia Pulau Redang Trip 2010 Part I

I was involved in a family trip up to Redang over the long weekend. The Redang Archipelago is located at Malaysia's East Coast in the South China Sea. Whether it's on the TV or on Google, just searching for Redang makes the screen pop up with loads of breathtaking scenery and the perfect paradise getaway comes to mind. Best of all, we would be having our stay at the supposedly 5 stars Laguna Redang Island Resort. They included many mildly interesting activities in their website. There was fishing so i couldn't help but bring my tackle along! It was expected to be PACKED since it would be the start of the school holidays with Vesak Day topping it off. We departed on the eve of Vesak Day and will be attempting the 12 hour long road trip on the tour bus to Redang. I was a tad concerned about the duration and whether i would be able to "hold out". My concerns were of no concern and we arrived at the Jetty a little pass breakfast where i was told it would be anoth

Eging At Sibu Kelong

We are long fans of squidding at Sibu Kelong and what better month than to be the first wave of egi crazed fishos who might encounter the first wave of squid invasion coming to the Sibu Kelongs? We started out planning this trip about a month ago but there were not much people interested in the trip. In the end, after many ups and downs, we still went for the trip... We took the car rental option. It's slightly more expensive but perfect for short simple fixes. I guess we'll be using more of the car next time because it's quite comfortable and fuss free as we do not need to lug our iceboxes when going through customs. We had a quick breakfast at Johor before heading up to the jetty. We were ECSTATIC when we reached the jetty as there was no one else on the list. We are the only ones to the kelong. This was great news as we would have luxury of space. We boarded the kelong after the boat ride and had a quick lunch. Me and Momok quickly setup and tested the waters for

Luring Trip to Old Spot

It's been almost ten decades since I've caught anything above 2kg in the wild and i suspected this trip won't be any better. Still, i managed to get up early and get the bicycle ready for a long ride. I secured the rod and cycled without delay, trying to beat the sunrise. The spots used to be heaven back then but netting has taken a toll on the good fishes and they'll struggle to make a comeback. There used to be big big Haruans lurking everywhere along the cover but now i believe that they will only be found deep inside the "harder to get to" areas. I could hear them boof and thrash at times but not anywhere near me... I still gave it a try but not much activity at this spot so i moved on... Having lost my first light advantage, i rode on with a heavy but still cheerful heart. There's nothing like fishing in the morning with the dew evaporating and the angler perspiring. I'm not going to cover up the spot and spoil the pictures for this trip. If