Monday, May 31, 2010

Malaysia Pulau Redang Trip 2010 Part I

I was involved in a family trip up to Redang over the long weekend. The Redang Archipelago is located at Malaysia's East Coast in the South China Sea. Whether it's on the TV or on Google, just searching for Redang makes the screen pop up with loads of breathtaking scenery and the perfect paradise getaway comes to mind.

Best of all, we would be having our stay at the supposedly 5 stars Laguna Redang Island Resort. They included many mildly interesting activities in their website. There was fishing so i couldn't help but bring my tackle along!

It was expected to be PACKED since it would be the start of the school holidays with Vesak Day topping it off. We departed on the eve of Vesak Day and will be attempting the 12 hour long road trip on the tour bus to Redang. I was a tad concerned about the duration and whether i would be able to "hold out". My concerns were of no concern and we arrived at the Jetty a little pass breakfast where i was told it would be another 2 hours ferry ride to our resort! Okay, i admit i was flabbergasted at this but maintained a firm and tough stance.

My brother already starting to feel the heat... at the jetty!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Eging At Sibu Kelong

Writeup and Pictures
We are long fans of squidding at Sibu Kelong and what better month than to be the first wave of egi crazed fishos who might encounter the first wave of squid invasion coming to the Sibu Kelongs? We started out planning this trip about a month ago but there were not much people interested in the trip.

In the end, after many ups and downs, we still went for the trip... We took the car rental option. It's slightly more expensive but perfect for short simple fixes. I guess we'll be using more of the car next time because it's quite comfortable and fuss free as we do not need to lug our iceboxes when going through customs.

We had a quick breakfast at Johor before heading up to the jetty.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane...

It's been almost ten decades since I've caught anything above 2kg in the wild and i suspected this trip won't be any better. Still, i managed to get up early and get the bicycle ready for a long ride. I secured the rod and cycled without delay, trying to beat the sunrise.

The spots used to be heaven back then but netting has taken a toll on the good fishes and they'll struggle to make a comeback. There used to be big big Haruans lurking everywhere along the cover but now i believe that they will only be found deep inside the "harder to get to" areas. I could hear them boof and thrash at times but not anywhere near me...

I still gave it a try but not much activity at this spot so i moved on... Having lost my first light advantage, i rode on with a heavy but still cheerful heart. There's nothing like fishing in the morning with the dew evaporating and the angler perspiring. I'm not going to cover up the spot and spoil the pictures for this trip. If you know the spot, you will recognize it... If you don't, well then that's just too bad.

Goodbye to another spot? Nah... We just have to go in deeper next time

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changi Offshore Fishing Videos

I'm quite excited about the upcoming Changi trip in July so here are a few videos i made. I've also included Alan's CNR Video.

It's been a long long time since i went Changi... Even catch nothing i also happy... Just go there and relax with the usual kakis.

Changi Montage Part 1

Part 2

Changi Fishing CNR Trip

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Accurate Boss Magnum 197

After getting myself my Calstar Grafighter 600xl, I've thought of the possible reels to pair it with... I've considered the new Daiwa Saltist LD 20 two speed and some other good value for money yet excellent reels.

I've finally arrived at my decision and that was to get the Accurate Boss Magnum 197 low speed... It seemed a little light in the drag department when using my hands to gauge the drag but after loading in some line, i found the line payout to be smooth and strong.

PRETTY and Compact

That's how compact it is... it could get a little bit of getting used to for fat thumbs like me.

It was a tough decision but i went for the 197 as i thought i needed a little something. The Calstar 600xl is easily under-rated at 10 - 25lbs and being the sort of rod that it is, i will be pushing it to its limits during trips.

It's currently loaded with some 150m of PE3 Varivas on a little mono backing until i get new line. It should be a sweet combination with my Calstar Rod in my upcoming light bottom trips and maybe even for the Sailfish.

I will be calibrating and getting a feel of my "perfect" strike drag during my Changi Light Bottom trips because i don't really believe in setting the drag at home with some weights. I still prefer to accustom myself to the reel when using it. It will be a good experiment and sort of a challenge until i can get the MAXIMUM effect out of my rod without breaking anything.

I will be starting my Degree studies in July... I wonder will i have time to fish like i usually do. I guess it's time to "evolve" into a weekend angler... for now...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short Visit To Punggol End

I was free last Sunday and visited one of my favourite spots where i had many good memories with friends. This is the first spot in which i first got poisoned into eging. I remember my early days there the "Uncles" easily got many squids using slow retrieve method. I remember squids latching onto my jig and i won't even strike just reel it in and later when bringing it up, the squid will surely drop. I even remember msg-ing Alan and EX in the middle of the night to get some tips from them.

After more researching and learning up on eging(especially the Jap Style), i went back to the spot and have been getting better results. But the Chinese have this saying "Always Remember Your Roots" and even if you somehow are more successful with your results nowadays, one must always remember their past.

I made my journey to the spot with optimism although the sky looked as though it will crack open at any time. When i reached the spot, all my optimism faded away. Initially, i thought they had removed the jetty but i found out later that the jetty was "hiding" somewhere.

Where's the jetty!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anglers Outfitters(AO) Closed For Now

I've been trying to visit AO for quite some time now to see if their new Accurate BX Reels and Yamashita Egi Oh Squid Jigs are in but i had no such luck because they have not been answering their phone. Alan said that they have been closed for a few days now. Well, i've found my answer in FK.

Benji's dad has passed away and Alvin's away fishing in the US so we'll all have to wait till they reopen!

If you have updates on the opening date, please let us know!

Meanwhile, deepest condolences to Benji.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Useful Tips By Momok

Iwarna Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Catch N Release Paypond

Weiyee and me made a short trip to our local freshwater pay pond to get some fish blood running through our veins again. It was Weiyee's first time there so we made sure we got some good baits and off we went. We brought some very mysterious concoctions and baits but we were lacking in a certain favourite bait of mine...

We arrived at the pond just after a shower. It was burning these past few days so a quick shower will give the fishes a much needed boost. Even better was that the shower coincided with the evening. Usually, fishing is about getting the moon phase and weather right but at artificial man made places like pay ponds, you could say that the fishes are probably confused. Nevertheless, fishing at Dawn, Dusk or during extreme weather changes usually still pay off.

The pond is well known for its massive Chao Phraya Catfish which go up to 50kg in the pond. The other species include the Patin, Pacu, Freshwater Barras, Red Tail Catfishes, Carps and many many more. The pond is pretty small though but it's okay for the deprived weekend angler. We usually use an array of baits such as Chicken Innards, cut/whole fish baits, kneaded flour with different ingredients and even cockles! This is done on a single hook rig. Debarb of hooks is a must! The fish also take rubber lures or flys.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bass Rise Day 2

Still fresh from yesterday's hunt, the two fools headed into Bass Territory again at around the same timing. Armed with the new flys that Momok tied, both anglers were feeling rather tipsy. The Old Man now came in smaller hook sizes and it had a strange swimming effect that i somehow attribute to putting a snap swivel to it. Hmmm...


Momok - Black Hole 6'6 2-8lbs/Daiwa Emeraldas 2506(yes, an eging reel!)
Me - Shimano Bass Rise 5'6 6-10lbs/Ofmer Axis 500

I arrived at the area first and after doing some stunts(and getting numerous wounds in the process), i bumped into a schooling bunch of Toman fries. Not surprising, there were a bunch of Temensis below the fries... a common occurrence especially when the Mama Toman is not around to guard her fries.

One of em babies...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bass Rise Day 1

I have been observing one of our favourite bass spots for quite some time now and with the recent rainfall building up, it's time we went back to the area for our Peacock Bass. We set out a 2 day plan on fishing the area.

It's one of those fishing grounds in which one will be supremely confident in getting a fish. Yeah... I guess you could say expectations were high.

It's always prime time to fish in Dawn or Dusk but from our experience, the fish there feed even at noon although they are terribly sluggish. We went at around 2pm... and targeted to end by 7pm.

Momok - Black Hole 6'6 2-8lbs/Daiwa Emeraldas 2506(yes, an eging reel!)
Me - Shimano Bass Rise 5'6 6-10lbs/Ofmer Axis 500/Daiwa Caldia Kix 2000

Today we will only be fishing on the outside reaches of the catchment area. This meant that there will be little bashing so we were grateful for that. There are less Toman around the area but we are only here for the Peacock Bass which we will be using spin flys to target. Who knows... if we are lucky we might even bump into a Temensis or two...

The flys were tied by Momok who was pretty excited about testing them. He named his clousers the "Flying Fish", "Old Man" and "Red Rooster". Quite odd names i would say...

Our standard openings to cast from were now totally submerged and we had to improvise our casting areas. We pulled down branches and squeezed into impossible openings. I even had to balance on a log at one of the spots. Yeah... "The things we do for fishing..." . The water was now ideal for us using a wading suit but it's hard to get one down here so we had to stay on dry ground to cast our lures and flys.

Momok was having a great start with a few Peacocks taking his fly. He was having a good time losing a few too. I was doing worse with losing all of my Peacocks!!! What was happening?!?! I guess you could say it was not my golden hour. That was extremely true when it was Momok's turn to take a ticket to the unlucky side.