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Fish Stalker Boat Fishing Trip April 2021

When your wife really loves you, they bring you fishing and this is exactly what my wife did during my birthday. We booked the entire Fish Stalker fishing charter for ourselves! There's plenty of misconceptions about Fish Stalker and the way they fish. Most folks think they do mostly drifting because they have no spot but this is quite the opposite because you have to know your spots well in order to drift them. If it was so easy just drifting and getting good CRs, we will all have our own boats. The fun thing about Fish Stalker is that your bait is almost always down since the boat drifts for long hours. To cover a large area, anglers often use tenya, madai or jigs. Anything that can "layang" and search bottom works well as the area doesn't have much snags except when near wrecks or drop offs. There can be quite a few monster fish too and I burst one such monster fish on size 20 fluoro carbon bite leader, double 4/0 hooks! The setup used was a Zenaq PE4 and Ocea Jigg

Simple Batang Fish Stock Recipe (for soup)

The best bones to use for making fish broth is the red grouper bones! In fact, I don't even fry the bones. They go straight into the pot for boiling. Given the simplicity in preparing a solid fish soup, sometimes I really don't understand why would folks queue and pay top dollar for fish soup. I've been experimenting with different styles of fish soup now and I can share with you that tweaking it to your own preference and taste is important. Below is a simple recipe to get started. The reason why we usually season the batang fish in fish soup is that the texture is usually not firm enough and sometimes if not fresh might contain a "fishy" smell. My seasoning it, we can improve the texture and taste. Many of you will recognise this as "starchy" texture sort of like the texture you get in heavily seasoned prawns in siew mai. Steps to create fish broth Get about 500g of batang fish bones. Prepare a few pieces of ginger slices. Pan fry the fish bones in 1 t

Garlic and Herb Baked Mangrove Jack Recipe

Let's face it. Farmed Mangrove Jacks are going to be a regular occurrence because of religious fish release groups in Singapore. In fact, it is now one of the most common fish caught at Changi waters and the reason is that it is probably one of the cheaper fish to release. Such activities won't disappear overnight and is also starting to occur at the Southern Islands side. Some of the fishing boats have already caught farmed fish there. So what can we do as anglers? I don't think we are able to structurally change culture that fast but one thing we can do is the cull these species as they are able to spread bad genes and diseases to our wild fish. In time, they may also possibly alter behaviours of wild fish. Rather than choose to lament, let's find ways to enjoy our fishing hobby in Singapore. Hence, below I present to you an easy baked garlic and herb mangrove jack recipe. You can also use it for golden snapper, red snapper and barramundi or rather all fishes even! I

Aunty Fishing Pond with Kraken Gear Ah Du

It's not everyday that you visit a fishing pond in Singapore since there are so many fishing options available. However, that is before the pandemic struck and fishing in Singapore has somewhat been affected by it since local fishing charters seem to be overbooked. Some boats are fully booked for a year. So enter paypond fishing! Made a trip to the trusty "Aunty Pond" in Neo Tiew. It's a rather quaint and private fishing pond tucked in the country side which made it more rustic and relaxing compared to openly public ones like Pasir Ris Pro Pond or even Gills Fishing. I think everyone is quite familiar with the pond in the local Singapore Fishing scene so I'll just post what I learned below.  1. Hit the fishes when they are feeding! Fish in the pond are not as "artificial" as you think they are. There are certain times where they have adjusted to the water condition and are in "feeding mode". It's very important to make use of this time to b

Four Reasons Not to Visit Orchid Live Seafood at HomeTeamNS Khatib

I've always wanted to try Orchid Live Seafood after seeing various social media sponsored posts and influencer sponsored posts about how good this place is. Saw too many lobster porridge and this "steven chicken" advertisements haha. As someone who loves cooking crustaceans and seafood, especially in seafood broth, I was really looking forward to it. Finally, the day came to celebrate a birthday so we booked the place thinking that we can indulge since it was a special occasion. Initially, the food was kind of average but as we ate, each dish really got worse and really underwhelming for the high price that we paid. Can see why their place is only half filled on a Sunday evening. Below are some reasons NOT to eat there because of the food. Service was average, nothing to complain about. 1. Pushy servers; micro mini lobsters in the default lobster porridge There were about 7 or 8 mini lobsters so you can really have a sense of how small they were since total was about 1kg