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Haibin Prawning at Jurong Hill (Jurong Birdpark)

Finally! A Prawning post... Everyone's itchy for some prawning fun these days but the location that you can do prawning with good catch rate seems to be so few these days... That's why I was pleasantly surprised that Haibin Jurong prawning ponds had good sized, big blue mountain and thai prawns! The quantity was not amazing as compared to the old Bishan Haibin but it's always size over quantity for me! Strangely v good size hor? I had a prawning catch up session with a friend and during the 1st hour we were hitting prawns like crazy.... I think all of our 20-30pcs of prawns were hit in the 1st hour. After that the prawns stopped biting! not pro also look pro! Good beer to go with prawning Does prawning require patience? As usual, normal prawning tips apply... prawn near the centre pump and sides will never go wrong! The prawns were cooked on the spot with the BBQ..... probably this is what most likely happens after every Singapore prawning session... ha