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Merchong (Nenasi) Fishing with Tee King Chong

My first encounter with "King Chong" or "Ah Chong" of Merchong fishing village was a rather brief one. Years ago, we were on our way to Pekan for some light jigging action but our trip was cancelled because of strong winds so we drove along the coast hoping to hire a boat out for fishing at less choppy waters. It was then that we stumbled upon King Chong's fishing kampong and so I went into one of his boathouse and saw him mending some fishing nets. I asked him whether we could go offshore fishing now and he laughed it off... Well no hope there...So we gave up on the idea and went food fishing instead... Somehow now in 2014, I was actually going back to Merchong to do some fishing with King Chong! Compared to Pekan or Rompin light jigging, you can actually do everything and anything at Merchong's fishing spots. You could do jigging, luring, trolling, baiting, popping, eging and more! The fishing and logistics were easily prepared in Merchong. We stepped

New Singapore Prawning location coming soon! Fishing Paradise (FP) Prawning at Pandan Gardens!

CLOSED   I know I know, we are still overawed with feelings and memories by the closure of the late Haibin Bishan prawning place. And I also really really know that the prawn size and quantity these days are pretty pitiful compared to the 'golden ages'... But then have you heard that a new prawning pond will be located in the west? It will be located at Pandan gardens by the fishing paradise people... PANDAN GARDENS and NOT PANDAN RESERVOIR... Renovation works are on going and you'll likely to receive latest updates from their Facebook page which was just created... Here's a screen grab! Here is the address for fishing paradise prawning at pandan gardens! 200 Pandan Garden S(609336) Prawning, Team building and Family Gathering Bouncing Castle, longkang fishing Contact: 9632 7626 Parking: tba

Simple Offshore Fishing Rig (Can be done in 60 seconds or less!)

I have a simple offshore fishing rig to share that I use widely in my offshore fishing. it is very simple to tie and I usually can tie it under 20 seconds. It is especially useful if you need to tie multiple rigs for your friends or family.  It is also tested and proven for a wide variety of fishes in Changi or Southern waters... You can vary the length of your snood depending on whether you are anchoring or drifting but usually, I'd suggest a general snood length of 30 - 50cm as you can use it for all situations. This rig is very dependable as it does not use any knots to join any snoods together. The whole rig is based on a "one line" one piece concept so it's a really tough cookie! The only weakness so far is that the bottom (sinker) loop may be damaged over time if you keep getting snagged. Also, if big fish takes the rig, the loop might close up and you may have a very ugly rig! Limitations of this rig also is that is a bottom feeder rig... but that's us

Types of Singapore Offshore Boat Fishing Spots and Tips

This article aims to generally identified and explain the types of fishing spots one will encounter during offshore fishing in Singapore. There are some very unique fishing techniques and characteristics that can only be found in Singapore Offshore Fishing! When an angler understands the type of fishing spots his boatman and himself are going to, chances are that he or she will use it to the best of his advantages. Hopefully, this will also help to weed out errant fishing captains/boatmen whom take advantage of the angler's inexperience to pull a "fast one". In general , you can either be anchoring/parking or drifting during offshore fishing in Singapore. While there are many theories to follow and there is no concrete evidence to prove which is the best for fishing, you should be basically following the below stand: When the current is strong, do parking/anchoring and wait for the fish to come to you. This is proven in theory because when the current is strong, the