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Good Fishing Spot at Singapore Changi Carpark 2 (suitable for kids and newbies)

Read below for the fishing spot! Have you always wondered where to bring your kid or a newbie fishing? Maybe you brought them to Orto or D'best or even Gills fishing pond. Those are good but nothing will ever beat free fishing where a newbie can try out all his new fishing gear without much negative comments from pro anglers. But ok, so recently I brought my Kiddo fishing at Changi Carpark 2 and was quite surprised that there was quite abit of leng chiam aka red eared emperor at this spot. We only fished for 15 minutes and caught many pieces. In fact, I would say you don't even need any fishing lessons to catch fish here. Best of all this fishing spot in Singapore is not that crowded and fairly easy to locate. The exact fishing spot You don't really need to fish exactly at this spot since you can fish and explore around the whole coast but if you need some visual indication, refer to the photos. A little shade Calm beautiful waters I stood around this area How to get to the

Is Boat Squid Fishing (Eging) in Singapore Possible?

We should have scooped until morning! Ok, I know the article is kinda like a click bait thing but I always wondered if we could catch squids in Singapore like the tourist boats do in places like Vietnam. Not using a squid jig/eging and whipping it like a Japanese egi pro but more like the touristy kind of squid fishing. You know, the kind that bring you out for a few hours and you just use a handline and squid jig to catch squid? I think it might be possible in Singapore and to even do it as a fishing charter if the squid season is good.  Generally, it seems like there is one main squid season in Singapore when you can get arrow head squid in numbers. End of the year (November to April) is usually a good time and Tuas is good place to scoop squids because they tend to congregate there. And in return, the Big Groupers or Gao Tuns tend to also come in. Coincidence? Not sure. I know scooping them (using a light source) is much easier and we usually do so when we are getting baits for doin

Ah Fong Changi Offshore Fishing with Singapore Fishing Telegram Admins

To be honest, I'm just logging this Changi fishing catch report here without remembering much details except Edmund caught quite a fair bit of fish on jig when the tide was suitable. Total catch Uncle E getting fish Cute group on jig by Uncle E For Ah Fong's contact:

Ah Fong Changi Fishing June 2022

Must have been a super bad catch because there was only one picture... If only one fish, then sure Biao will get it lol.

Trolling Fishing in Singapore

Trolling in Singapore? You mad ah? Well, this trip started off this way and this was truly something we wanted to try out in Singapore. Batang (Spanish Mackeral) was a common catch in Singapore in the past and we still get the sporadic fish here and there but nobody in Singapore ever targets them specifically. This was what we wanted to do on this trip but it was a miss because we couldn't predict the weather. It was super windy and rocky that day and we quickly gave up trolling.  As for tide, I have had mixed experience with neap or spring tides for these fish. On some neap tides, these fish take jigs and lures willingly... but old birds always say spring tide for pelagic. Aiya, doesn't matter if got strong wind. Pick up some live baits to support our fishing also Most effective colour. Big Mac trolling lure. The real deal. Boon landed a fish! This was caught near Raffles Lighthouse :) Tried to pick up some fish and there Boon's got a fish! This fake barramundi was huge! W

Fishing at D'Best Fishing (also known as Pasir Ris Main Pond or PRMP) with Rubber Lures (Luring)

Black Proberos soft rubber. Maybe I should buy in bulk, rebrand it and sell at 4x the cost. Maybe I'll call it sticky lake rubber. @baktao Went for a short trip at D'Best Pasir Ris Main fishing pond. #fishing #sgfishin #luring #singapore ♬ Oh no, oh no, oh no, no no - Hip Hop 15 years ago, fishing here was free I was 15 years old when I first fished at Pasir Ris Fishing Pond (back then it was just called as such) at Pasir Ris Town Park. I went there with a few of my secondary school friends and we caught dozens of huge tilapia. It was when there was no operator at the pond and you could simply fish for free. There were also a few pieces of the odd leftover fish and I remember catching a mangrove jack on bread. Introduction to D'Best Fishing Now after years of being run by different fishing pond operators, the pond now goes by the name of D'Best Fishing by D'Best Recreation. Old timers to the pond just simply remember it as Pasir Ris Main Pond (PRMP) for t