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Smith Marine "Straits House" Floating Restaurant Kelong Off Pulau Ubin, Changi

After receiving some very kind comments during my previous post, I'm back! for a post... I'm still fishing in Singapore strongly although I find it tough to find time to write about my trips now with work, church, fishing, hobbies taking up time... I'd rather live it than blog it! Here's a post on a great restaurant concept that we chanced upon after fishing with Jimmy... Jimmy brought us to this floating restaurant off Pulau Ubin... Smith Marine "Straits House" it was called! Best thing was that they readily took our fresh catches and cooked them for us! While the restaurant cannot be compared to Jumbo or other more "premium" restaurants, they did the basics right! Straits House Floating Restaurant! After a day of fishing.... cook your fish!! Excellent all round place Romantic enough for you? Pool table! Dig in guys! We had our fresh catch... and a mixture of live seafood direct from their keep nets! Sea prawn with ch

LED Princess Grow Lights for Gardening

Hi guys, do help support and like a page of my friend's. Inside there I also showcase my indoor gardening with LED Growing for cherry tomatoes in my room using some LED grow lights...