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Punggol Pro Pond Outing

The last time I tried Punggol Pro Pond was ages ago in 2006 when they first opened. Then they closed down and opened again. It’s a nice place to be as it’s away from the bustling city life and from my experience the fishes they release are quite healthy. They are one of the first ponds to release red snapper frequently. We got our live prawns from fishing buddy toa payoh but the funny thing happened. We left our live prawns in the taxi! So we had no choice but to get the live prawns there! The aunty now sells the prawns for 100g $4 which she says is around 10 pcs so it’s around 40 cents per pc. The aunty was pretty nice and gave us some time to setup. We started casting into the pond at 1620hrs but she said she will let us start at 1645hrs. Bite rate was not good at first as last fish release timing was around 1500hrs. Only after around 45 minutes after we shifted, I had a good take when spinning live prawns. The fish took the prawn very fast and I couldn’t react in time. I was usi

Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm Kelong Fishing in Singapore

It was a public holiday and the motley crew of fishing heroes got together again for a somewhat exciting trip to the not so beautiful seas of Lim Chu Kang! We were going on a floating fish farm with some family and friends of the owners. It is illegal for fish farms in Singapore to charge fees for bringing people up but we were going for free! We prepared our own baits, foods and drinks. We went to a Sheng Siong at the Clementi area to get some bait but they didn’t have live prawns. After that we had breakfast and off we went to our destination! While waiting for the “ferry” to fetch us, we observed that the family we were going with was quite big! But most of them there are just there for the fun and relaxation. We finally boarded the boat! It rained heavily last night and I was very skeptical about fishing. It was expected that there would be loads of catfish. Also, the tide was not in our favour. Today was a morning up tide. If we could reach the fish farm earlier around 7am

Prawning At Bishan Haibin

It was Deepavali eve and Weiyee was free. Our initial plan was to do some freshwater baiting but then we had abit of a squeaky mind and we thought of pasir ris farmway 3 and Punggol paypond. Punggol paypond closed at 12am so we gave it a miss. In the end, we settled on the prawning pond at Geylang which is located at the former Singapore Badminton Hall . We managed to poison AG to come over as well. Well guess what when all of us reach the pond, it was CLOSED for renovation. So we make one U Turn again and went to East Coast Park prawning pond because last year i saw Alan's post on some pole fishing fishes so we were excited about giving it a try. When we reached there, the pole fishing pond is already gone there are only some people prawning there but the catch doesn't seem good so we went for supper and made our way to BISHAN! No more pole fishing... sad... and seems like only small prawns The Bishan prawning place is very popular and crowded. It's a nice place a

Last Trip Before My Exams - Temensis Party

It was high time that i went fishing with Vader again. The weather was breezy and cooling so we both went bashing fishing again. I went well prepared with 3 litres of drinking water, chocolate bars and bread. It was not required to move in early to fish at our destination as the wind and heat could not get into the waters there. We ran across the expressways and bashed uphill. Our original destination for the sebbies were abandoned due to construction and we moved to a rather bashed up spot. Haruan spot I guess it's the last time we'll be there because what we saw shocked us. That place was overtaken by Temensis. This is the first time I have of Temensis in this water body... Looks like selfish anglers and groups have released them again... Sad to say... They will wipe out all other species in the water... I was very shocked as i casted out a topwater scumfrog... A school of Temensis swarmed around it and it was gulped down! I gave it a tug and well... a Temensis came up. I