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Pulau Tinggi Bakar Island Adventure Prelude

Stay tuned for the report guys as i get some photos from the rest... It's a trip where Jamie landed his first... unknown species... What was it?!?! It was the catch of a life time for Jamie... what fish is it?!?!

Tanjung Pinang Kansas 99 Fishing Trip With Dad and Gan

My dad and his kakis booked a trip to TP with Kansas 99 and i had to follow as my dad was clueless about what to bring and so on. I got ourselves a few "ah lau" cheap tackle for the trip and we were all set! Catch was not fantastic but could have been so much better if we fished throughout! All of us went to sleep at around 11pm on both nights!!! Also, our gear cannot make it... as almost all of us were using ah lau setups some even with mono line... many big rays, shovel nose and cobia were lost... Day time was better as fishes were smaller and the gang could manage... Loading freshwater! En route! Dinner! En route to the spot, I had a Rapala Magnum CD14 Firetiger running for a few hours but there were no takes at all. First spot was at the FAD and we got some baitfish for bait. The deckies got a few bonito and spanish macks on the sabiki so that was an eye opener! Captain informed us that night time was going to be slow but if anything came by, it will be BIG.

DIY Gimbal Seat

Just want to share with you guys this invention that my friend DIY himself. He was pissed off that gimbal belts cost so much and they are so bulky so he invented this version for himself. It's easy to use, easy to store and it works! Don't need to wear it even... just slot it in! Great invention.... good on him...

Exploring new fishing spot for snakehead haruan

Forging ahead... or so they say. My uncle asked me if i wanted to explore a certain place with him. It was prime Haruan spot according to him. Well, he was right... I think we got more than 10pcs but they were all pretty small. I brought the bigger scum frogs which resulted in lots of misses. my Uncle, the AH LAU did well with his AH LAU spinning technique with a spin blade. He even showed me his cheapo rubber lure. Nope, not Keitech not Javallon but just some rubber grub. It actually worked miracles for him! Nothing beats exploring nature and taking photographs of the scenes around you. Every new water hole makes your heart go faster and to pause in your tracks... and listen to the crickets and birds do their thing will you are just a small little thing in their big world. Priceless! Below are some pictures of our exploration trip... Lost? One of the countless haruan caught

Preparing For Tanjung Pinang Offshore Trip

I was shocked when my dad expressed interest in going to TP(Tanjung Pinang) for some bottom fishing action. He said he was following his friend and asked me along too. Since it will be a trip that i won't be paying for, i agreed! Well that leaves the tackle preparation to me and i found the best and cheapest stuff around for us to get prepared. I got myself 2 overhead lever drag reels for bottom fishing. You always want overhead reels around as we have to crank the sinkers from a depth... I got myself the Pioneer 10 trolling reel and Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD. I was surprised with the two reels as i fully suspected that i needed to change the drags to HT drags... but both in both reels the drags were awfully strong. The charter special is definitely a workhorse but time will tell whether the Pioneer can stand up to abuse. Having good drag is one thing... whether the components can stand up to the abuse is another... We'll be using both reels for trolling and bottom