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Ah Fong Fishing in September 2023

I couldn't make it for this trip but the live updates from the guys were very exciting. They finished their prawns after lunch and had to go to the farm to top up prawns.  Beautiful snapper. Who says jigging not possible at Changi? We hereby named him ang cho kiat~! Baiters didn't xia suay also lah Kiat was the hero on this trip, scoring a good sized ang cho aka golden snapper on jig. Purist jigging style came up tops! 

Ah Fong Changi Fishing in August 2023

It's been some time since we hit a decent haul off Changi waters. So this one really felt sweet. The most effective fishing method was fishing right off the bottom with tenya and bottom hugging techniques.

Siakap aka Kim Bak Lor Fishing at Sembawang Fishing

Tackle data: Yamaga Triceptor 65ML with Shimano Vanquish C3000 Angler: Ah Du from Kraken Gear Had some fun on the jetty Barramundi on soft rubbers again. This guy simply on a trot. Yet another one from the Sembawang SAFYC fishing archives. A decent barramundi hauled up from the murky depths.  Enjoy the media coverage! @baktao Barramundi lessons with @Ahdu.2222. CNR also kana complain. #fishing #sgfishing #barramundi #barramundifishing #singaporefishing #sembawang #fishinglife #fishingtiktoks #luring #fishingtips #fishingsg🇸🇬🎣 #barramundihunter #siakap ♬ たぶん - YOASOBI