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Pond Fishing At Ah Tiong and PRPP DBest Fishing

I have been doing alot of pond fishing recently because i have no trips and i got no time/conviction to do any wild fishing. Pond fishing is not as thrilling as fishing in the wild as you know fishes are put in for the purpose. But the skills, tips and drinks are still the same. You have to experiment and test approaches. I have the feeling that fishermen could make great scientists. Well, me and momok visited the PRPP Pole Rod pond again as we were feeling a little itchy. I tried to go for the big fishes inside the pond but failed. We ended up with 16 pieces of golden pomfret which is a reasonable catch. We fished till almost 4am. Needless to say, we crashed at the Macdonalds outlet nearby after that... On Saturday, we went over to find Alan at his shop. They're having a 35-40% Gloomis sale now so hope on over to catch the great offer. After that we went pond fishing with him and Jamie. We wanted to go to Eds pond at first but a regular there told us it's not good tonight

Eging Colour Chart Guide and Guide On Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live

I do own some Egi Oh Q Live squid jigs and came across some useful information during some web browsing. Hopefully, this can give a better idea to newbies who just picked up eging. I do agree on the colour chart to different situations and applications. That's a good one. Colour Chart How to work your squid jig, various applications of Yamashita Squid jigs and Egi Oh  Hope you find this information useful...

Sibu Kelong On 14 February 2011

The waves and stormy weather is gone! But are the fish still around? Apparently they are! I'm was off to Sibu again during the weekend for 3 days this time. We had breakfast at a 24 hours eatery and sped on to the jetty. We had a speedboat ride again but this time it was pretty calm! Breakfast time!! Beautiful Kelong... There were only 14 people at the kelong. We went to Ah Ngan Kelong this time round. It was low tide when i arrived and there were little baitfish to be jigged. Todak are by the hundreds. There was this group of Malaysians spinning baitfish and caught lots of todaks. What do you know? This guy spinned a miss wong and a Queen took his bait! A beautiful queen... Best of all... he spinned another miss wong and a COBIA came to get his bait!!! The Cobia swam in and as i prepared to gaff it for him, it dive right under the kelong... I was thinking that's it... It's over. Then these few Malaysians came over and stamped on the kelong saying it will drive the f

Bringing My Uncle to Pasir Ris Pro Pond Pole Fishing

I brought my uncle and his wife to the pond since they were free on one of the days of Chinese New Year. It was fun going with my uncle's wife hahaha... She called the china guy yandao(handsome) and asked him to release more fish. I think the China guy got shy and he released 10 over Mangrove Jack and 10 over Taiwan ngor(red drum) straight into the pond from the truck. Too bad it was near our time over if not we could have landed more... My uncle had a great time there. He's a great fisherman who taught me the basics of some fishing like freshwater fishing. He hasn't much chance to fish because of work and that means he doesn't catch much fish. Hontian also managed to join me and even brought his gf along! I managed to get a chromide lol. The kim chio (golden pomfret) are biting the moment we put our baits in. My guess is that during the whole night noone came for them at all so they're damn hungry. I think for every 3 hits, we burst 2 fish due to our excitemen

Sibu Kelong Trip With Army Friends

A fishing trip with fishing friends is another thing. Bringing up a few of my army chums who have never fished before is another! I prepared some tackle for them and all of us had some fun. There's something you can never take away from a group of unmarried man who conquered the high seas and got away from their everyday static life. Enjoy the pictures! What?!!?! We are going there? The boat ride to the kelong was HELL because of the monsoon winds. But we all made it! The thrill? The never say never? The feeling of getting blasted away. Big Wil was the first to get on the mini speedboat. Did that baby rock! Here's the crazy ride The guys having a great time at the empty kelong. It was free for all. Although it was raining constantly for the whole time, we all had our moments. Food was good at the kelong. They were slow in picking up the rod and the reel but soon learnt that the process is easy peasy. Thanks guys! I had lots of fun during the trip. It's a few

Real Men Go Drinking And Prawning

We had a good time over Geylang Prawning Pond at the Badminton Hall over William's Birthday. I brought the guys Prawning and the bite rates were good. The prawn sizes were also quite big. We got 20 over pcs of prawns in 2 hrs 2 rods. It was quite good as the guys were newbies at it and some of the prawns were big. Some lucky soul even gave us some mud crabs. That set us up for a perfect BBQ and beer session. The prawns were marinated with salt and thoroughly spread over the fire. They were sweet, succulent and i was impressed that the prawns didn't have the famous "fish tank smell". Good one! The crabs were done by soaking them in water, garlic salt and simmering slowly over the fire. The result was awesome with the crab being sweet, firm and mouth watering. The beer went well with the food and we had a smashing time! Enjoy the pictures! Most of them were virgin prawners.