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Tanjung Pinang Fishing Trip with Princess Mandiri Elly Kelong: 1-3 May 2008

Wahlao too excited lah cant sleep. Check in all our rods and icebox. Wahlao eh so damn long man the Q. We saw Sticko and Dreamer at TMFT too. Wahlao they also secret mission to TP. Board the ferry with everyone and its 2 hrs to TG Pinang. Everyone is so excited and looking forward to the 3 days. We went to the Bakuteh stall at wahlao eh so crowded ah wait 1hr then we got our food ah... We too excited already ah faster eat and chiong ah. We reached Elly Kelong after we bought some soft drinks and snacks.

Overseas Fishing Charter Contacts (Regional)

Desaru Fishing Contact 1) Ah Siong (tbc) 2) Badol (tbc) 3) Desaru Ah Long +60 16-779 1882 4) Rothman Man +60 12-730 7772 Kong Kong Boat Fishing  1) Ah Kow (see below name card) Rompin Boatman Fishing Contact 1) Janggut 09-4146640 2) Steven 019-9458508 3) Ah Sam 012-9012383, 012-9523301 4) Ah Paw 012-9542288 5) Ah Yau 019-6614045 6) Ah Liang 60-129012383 SCS/South China Sea/Horseburg/Mapur/Eastern Banks Fishing Contact 1) John Henddricks  +6597326655 2) Ricky (Seven Seas Conqueress formerly Nelayana) 91678091/98765656 Batam Fishing Contact 1) Ah Hie +62-0811699005 2) Ah Hun +62-085264710115 Bintan (Tanjong Pinang) Fishing Contact Boatman Jan Kin hp: 001 62 856 6536274 Ah Cia/Jia (Kansas 99): +62811774078 Ah Jiang +62-81177407 Nenasi Fishing Contact Tee King Chong Kampong Balai, Merchong, Nenasi +60 12-297 4364 Maggi +60-0129533906 Redang Boat Fishing Contact Pekan Fishing Charters Contact Rickey Tay +019 9586838 Ikan Masin aka (咸鱼仔) 9227455/ + 012 988

Kelong Fishing Contacts

Sibu Kelongs Ah Fatt Kelong (Pulau sibu) Tel: 019-7120333, 011-765417 Ah Fatt Kelong (Penyabong, Aceh) (New!)  Tel: +60149881988 Hot Boys Fishing Kelong (Pulau sibu) Tel:019-7453019 Junansa Resort, Pulau Sibu Tel: Jamswari +60175349737 Kelong Ah Yu, Tanjung Leman, Pulau Sibu 013 7212332 Kelong Ah Fatt, Tanjung Leman, Pulau Sibu 019 7120333 Kelong Ah Poh, Tanjung Leman, Pulau Sibu019 7453019 Kelong Ah Ngan(Wing Sing Kelong), Pulau Sibu 019 7712879 Johor Gelang Patah Kelong, johor( Facing Singapore) Tel:012-7136675, 02-90037623 Bagan Lalang Ma-mod Kelong (Selangor) Tel:06-6581053, 010-6208244, 010-6611448 Soon Hock Kelong, Pengarrang Tel : 02-07-8276980 Chia Soon Kelong, Pengarrang Tel : 65-9768-2235 OTHER Kelong Natural Paradise P.Ketam (P.Klang) Ah Pee -012-2618447 RM 15 Green way tour services P.Ketam (P.Klang) 03 31105404,012 3225333,013 361 6668 Sangkar Ikan Jambatan P'suri Bainun Dinding Perak Ah Hing 012-4329033 RM 20 Kelong Seri Melayu Langkawi +60 4 959

How to Fight/Hookup Common Changi Offshore Fishes

These are the common fishes of Changi that i encounter on my trips. You will encounter most of them too. Please take the guides as a GENERAL GUIDE only. The writeups are based on my PERSONAL EXPERIENCES ONLY and if you have any amendments/improvements, do let me know =D  Chermin a.k.a Zhao Min a.k.a Diamond Trevally  Bottom: Sandy with a little coral. Steady current flow preferred.  Best Bait and Rig: Live prawns, Light Poundage/FC Leader/ Rang-gongs/ Running Sinkers/Paternoster Normally, when a Chermin hits... It is always auto hooked because of the ferocity of the Chermin. You will hear your drag go out and your rod bend viciously. The Chermin is a good runner so because of this, make sure your drag is suitable and that you allow the Chermin some time to run before it is tired... When it is tired, pumping it in should not be a problem. You'll encounter some resistance but the battle is half over... Net the Chermin properly as they can struggle alot. When you encounter a Chermin