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Punggol End Beach And Jetty

Punggol End Beach and Jetty used to be one of my favourite eging spots in Singapore. In the past, it used to be less crowded, full of squids and it was a place where i would go have a few casts when i was stressed or needed some fresh air... But now it has transformed into a more developed area and it is packed with people! Since there were a few days of sun, i went out to check Punggol End for some squids but i went home early because it was too crowded and noisy. No longer can I do my eging in peace... There were kids running around, shouting and screaming... Big malay families camping at the beach and all over the area... There was still a great number of people coming to fish for squids though... but they left one by one as the wind got stronger... The style of eging has changed alot in these 4 years. 4 years back, these ah laos used only slow crank to fish for the squids. Nowadays, you see them whipping their rods like some pro Japanese wannabe eging angler... Some even bought e

New Year's Eve Changi Offshore Fishing

Almost every year, i will try to have a "last fish of the year" trip. Thankfully, i managed to book Ah Long this year... But a few weeks for before the booking, it kept raining everyday... so we are all praying hard the rain stops during our trip. The trip was done in such a way that if the rain proves to be still raging, the Captain will call me to discuss and we might cancel the trip. But... luckily 2 days before the trip it was sunny all the way... This might not be enough though as it requires a few days sun to "wash away" the freshwater in the sea... All go! Let me share some of my knowledge here for Changi Offshore as many do not know the fishing strategy there... it's very important to note that Changi and Punggol are considered "rivers" and that the main sea is actually in the direction of Johor Shoals or off Changi Naval base... This is where the saltwater comes from. Hence during the rainy season, freshwater from Changi, Punggol, Ubin a

Jungle Luring Singapore

A couple of freshwater luring sorties that didn't really have any impact in our lives took place during the festive period. No spectacular catches were recorded but we still enjoyed ourselves! Notice that in some of the photos, background is not censored. What i am trying to do is to share with our viewers our "so called secret spots" so as to showcase the beauty of fishing in our local freshwater holes. It is the spirit of sharing and angling that drives me. It's either you know the spot or you don't.... and quite frankly... censoring backgrounds off photos spoils the photos... I'll try to keep backgrounds original as much as i can.... One of the shots from new year's eve freshwater fishing in which Shawn and me caught a Temensis each... boring... New year's day fish.... on a light setup of Zeus Inox 4lbs rod, Caldia Kix 2000 with 6lbs Abulon Tournament monofilament line and 8lbs frog hair flourocarbon leader... First fish for 2012! Feel the ai

Boxing Day Luring

Well, the gang itched for Santa's fishy gifts and we set off for another bash in our Singapore's remaining "tropical rainforest". On this trip was Nick... our mr Hulk who was new to this whole luring thing and was itching for a first fish on lure. We brought him through the motions and what do you know... He got his first Toman aka Snakehead.... It wasn't huge but still something to shout about! Nick's first fish on lure... a decent Toman All of us were cramped at a small area but we made do with haphazard casting... Shawn got a nice specimen too around the 4lbs mark... Today was a sunny day after weeks of rain... The significant change in weather meant alot for fishing.... Water temperature, pressures, type of fishes active all changed. This was evident in today's catch which suprisingly had more Toman than Temensis! Also an interesting catch of the day by Shawn... A jungle snakehead or known locally as the Budjuk... This fish is a rare catch as i

TCE Tackles Import Export Grand Opening

TCE Tackles grand opening made it to the newspapers on 8 January Sunday... So i went to have a look. It's finally good to have a tackle shop near me. Shawn was on the way to pick me up for fishing so i told him why not visit the grand opening and see what they have. They also have door gifts and food... Here's the address and contacts! TCE TACKLES SINGAPORE PTE LTD NO.1, BUKIT BATOK CRESCENT #02-30 W'CEGA PLAZA, 658064 SINGAPORE TELEPHONE: +65 6684 2628 EMAIL: INFO@TCETACKLES.COM.SG WEBSITE: WWW.TCETACKLES.COM.SG The place is quite big and has free ample parking but might pose a problem for those without their own transport. It's in the middle of an industrial estate. I guess it's kind of a "showroom style" tackle shop as they do not sell baits or water etc. TCE Tackles stock up with in house brands like Lemax, Ajiking, Strike pro, Bakau Xpuyu, Tomman, Banax, St Croix. Most of them are Malaysian brands. I kinda liked the Bakau lure seri