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Peacock Bass Invasion!

After seeing the Officers and Sergeants bringing up the crabs by the dozens at Tekong, i was so very itching for some action, so midweek through my BMT, i decided to go hunting during my first bookout. I hoped to get some Haruan but suprise suprise... Casting my frogs the whole day long yielded not even a take but Yuki Mondo and Alan were getting PBs! It seems that the PBs have invaded this spot and somehow have made the Haruan population very shy. Looks like the PB invasion is completed... And even this small fishing hole far away from the PB army has fallen victim... Another mass exodus... God damn it another good spot killed... For a detailed CR with photos, please refer to Alan's Blog

Past Eging Catches from Punggol End Jetty

Found some past catches while clearing my SD... Alan Chan with a big squid... If you're wondering where to go eging in Singapore, Punggol Jetty is pretty good.

Getting to KTM Resort, Batam

KTM Resort is famous for its nice scenery and luxurious rooms but at the same time, avid anglers can take a chill out from the usual hustle bustle of rush or hardcore trips... Do some eging, light offshore or simply laze around. The day offshore at KTM Resort is relatively cheap at 250 SGD for 10 pax but i have not tried it yet. Here's a simple guide on how to get to KTM Resort, Batam. The first is to call or email the kelong and clarify which room you want. There are beachfront, seaview and deluxe cottages. Once you have booked the room, a 30% deposit via OCBC bank is required. The remaining 70% will be paid once you reach the resort.  Check out the map of KTM Resort for the room placing ( Click for a larger image )   Different Rooms, Different Pricing!   Now that you have gotten your rooms, the second thing is to book the ferry there. You can choose Penguin or Batamfast . Once the ferries are booked for your departure date, you are ready! When you reach Batam, the resort dri

Ah Poh Tuas Offshore: Last Trip Before Enlisting!

Tackle Used: Taurus Altima LJ PE 1 - 3 Daiwa Caldia Kix 3500 Leader: Triumph Fluorocarbon Shockleader 40lbs Hook: Decoy Octopus 1/0 Swivel: Rosco Snap and ball bearing I got a call from one of my kaki last week and he asked me if i will be interested in a Tuas Offshore. It's with a boatman he recently discovered and his first trip was super good. I told myself why not and it's gonna be my last trip before enlisting. There was only 4 of us and it was quite expensive but the extra space cum speed of the boat was well worth it. During the trip, the first part was quite a joke because when we reach the boat, 3/4 of our Live Prawns had died so for the second half of the trip we were on dead prawns. There was a total of FIVE baktao landed during the trip. Seems like its BAKTAO HEAVEN there. Hehehe... There was a close to 1kg Baktao landed too... Dedicated to Momok...