Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pekan Pahang Trip Sailfish Videos!

These are the low resolution videos i uploaded yahoo videos...
Pekan Sailfishing Video

If the video is down you can content yourselves by watching youtube versions... but part 2 and part 3 the audio screwed up

Sailfishing Video Part 1 from YOUTUBE

Day 2 Parrotfish and Squid Pekan Video

Sailfish Expedition 09' - Pekan Pahang

I was on a boat trip with Clarence in August and the talk of sailfish suddenly came up. I had not caught a sailfish before and listened eagerly. Later upon knowing that i had not have a taste of Sailfish before, Clarence made my day when he told me he will organise a Sailfish trip so i can get a taste of the amazing gamefish...

The days came fast and furious with each passing day being more tormenting than the previous. The itch in my body was building up fast and it waited for nobody. I survived the days leading up to the trip by buying junk jigs and watching sailfish youtube videos.

16 October 2009 - The Drive Up
After chilling out with Alan and the gang, i went on to meet Clarence, Terence and Lenni. We were to drive up to Pekan with Clarence being our driver. Thankfully, there wasn't a big jam at the customs and we sped on to Pekan with speed. We finally arrived at Ricky's place at around 0430 hrs. We setup our gear and hit the sack for 2 hours of sleep.


Front Entrance

Ricky's Collection

17 October 2009 - Day 1: Sailfish Mission

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hmmmm... this is what i recently saw at Pekan seas... Bubus flooding the whole place like free. Even floating mobile drift nets. There was once during my trip that i found out what type of person my boatman is when he actually went to the mobile drift net and cut the net away from the mobile lights. Maybe it cannot solve the problem as the net will still drift away and entangle other fishes but it definitely showed the intention of my boatman he hates these people...




Sailfish being brought back by Malaysians. Anyway heard from my boatman that very soon there will be a strict $3000 fine per fish on boats that bring back sailfish...


Somehow i wonder if my brother can enjoy fishing like i do?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daiso Hologram Tapes

My Pekan trip is coming soon so i spent today preparing my items for the trip. I'll be targetting sailfish with bait and jigging for other fishes during my trip. I tied a few assist hooks using the simple method from acfishing.

Took my time today and even managed to find time to load PE 3 Varivas Avani jigging line into my new Daiwa Caldia Kix 3000. I realised something strange though because the Caldia Kix 3000 can take 200m of PE 3 line but i somehow only managed to get just nice 150m of line in although i respooled the line a few times.

Anyway, after that i notice my split ring plier is with ah girl so i did not manage to clip my split rings onto my jigs but i took out the Daiso Holographic and decoration tapes i bought the other day.

I decorated some of my jigs because the other side of it was quite plain looking. Those jigs which paintwork has fallen off i just pasted some tape and at least it was better than before. The tapes come in many colours and i guess it will not fall off so easily if you stick it nicely because it is quite sticky.

Here's my experiment for the trip... Kekeke...

Can't wait for next saturday. Im all prepared for eging too... Hehehe...

Actually i thought of the funny idea of bringing rubbers up to try... If i have time to go beach road i just might go get some rubbers to bounce there!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fishing Games - Pro Bass Fishing 2003

I got very bored one day so i searched around for fishing games and found a very interesting fishing game in 3D for PC. The game is created by Atari and Infogrames in 2003 and the title is Pro Bass Fishing 2003.

This game does not feature our fishing here in Singapore but its a good fix if you are feeling the itchy since fishing is generally the same all over the world. There are a few choices to fish at and fish species from monster catches will depend on the choice of the waters. There are around 20+ species to catch from and that is what i like about the game.

Each lure works differently and to target the fishes you want, you must try different approaches. Casting under logs and piers will also produce different results. Some fishes travel in schools while the big ones hang out under cover waiting to ambush your lure. How you fish really affects the game and the realistic gameplay is what i like the most.

There are also a good variety of lures(20 over) and even the topwater frog, poppers, minnows, jigs and spinner baits.

The rod and lines also come in several varieties, from light 10lbs tackle for agility to the heavy 25lbs rod and line to reel in bigger fish.

The controls are also easy to master. Use the arrow keys to move around and select a spot. Right click to target a spot and left click to cast your lure.

While underwater, a left click will slowly reel in the line and right-clicking immediately retrieves your lure.

You can use the mouse to "jig" the lure by pushing it up and down or left and right in the hope of drawing the fish's attention. This is also another feature which i like because most crude fishing games just use the reeling in but here you have an option to jig which is quite a cute feature.

One of the better fishing games in the market, Bass Pro Fishing 2003 is something you can use to cure the itch if the rot is here.

Here's a video to have a feel!

If anyone that knows me wants the game, just email me i can pass it to you(make sure your PC can play it first). :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Post Earthquake Offshore Bashing

The build up to the trip was all good and all guns blazing for us although there were tsunamis and earthquakes happening all around us. In addition, the recent consistent drizzles and showers were a constant thought on our excited minds. I had been on offshore trips right after earthquakes before so i knew this trip was going to be a excellent or disastrous trip.

In such a situation there can be two possible scenarios. The first and most likely will be that the fishes in our area will be timid and stay off the hunt for awhile. It's not difficult to picture this since tremors could be felt all the way here even in Singapore. Of course, we hoped this would not be the case. There were already a few signs that the earthquake could be causing some disturbances to fishing.

The first being Jerome's Southern trip right before the earthquake. They ended up with two small fishes and no reason to why there were not many fishes although the water conditions were somewhat beautiful that day. The other victim was Clarence whose Tuas offshore trip the day after the earthquake was marred when they got only 2 fishes. His boatman called it a disaster and probably the worse catch he has ever had... And knowing that boatman, i dare say he does not have a big mouth.

Another less possible scenario would be that the surrounding fishes near the affected earthquake regions would "migrate" to our waters. There is startling evidence among the archives to prove this. The first of which will be popular among many offshore go-ers here. What is it? The Threadfin Bonanza after the tsunami in Phuket...

Many will recall the nights when the threadfins appear out of nowhere after the earthquake. Many will remember hauling up the threadfins by the dozens in those days. Sadly, they are now probably gone. The wharves, rigs and structures that our Southern shores have to offer probably tempted the threadfins to come here. At the same time of the threadfin bonanza, there were also reports of threadfins being hauled up by the hundreds by netters over at east coast. And who will ever forget the netters at Changi who managed to haul up hundreds of Spanish Macks(Tengirri) off Johore Shoals?

Okay enough about history. I'll get down to business already...

New on this trip were Weiyee. I really hoped both of them could get something nice tonight since both haven't been fishing recently.

Abang's boat.