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Eging Techniques - Hand Placements

Below are handle designs taken off from [ Majorcraft Japan ] from their complete range of eging specific rods.  TripleCross   Exizaust   Crosstage Zalts       Pandra   Raycal The common features on most eging rods... Padded reel seats and EVA handles with EVA butt ends. Many would understand the comfort of having an EVA handle and butt end, but why the padded reel seat design? For every design there is always a reason and the reason is so... The standard hand placement. It provides a good and secure grip so each and every knock, snag, take etc can be transferred directly onto your hands, giving as much feedback as possible. Egi rods however are built differently... The handles are far too short to balance out the rod's length. Even with the reel attached, the setup is still top heavy. The solution?   By shifting the hand forward, the fulcrum point will also shift and the rod's weight can be balanced out more evenly by using the weight of the reel as a counterweight. With the we

Fishing with Dad on Fish Stalker Fishing Charter Services (Marina South Pier)

It is always a good feeling to go fishing with the family (dad and brother) as we got to spend precious time together. This precious time seems little now that I have a family of my own. The quaint thing about fishing is that we usually don’t need to talk much during the trip but somehow that long pauses of silence and solace would often be peaceful. Much like how most guys spend time together. Just a no frills, no drama day out at sea and being able to soak in all of that is priceless. In fact, I found out during this trip that this priceless time together did not even need to involve dad catching fish. It seemed that he was contented enough to sit around and spend time with his sons just by being around. Additionally, he was also super proud and happy when both I and my brother caught some good fishes. Fishing wise wasn’t so good for the baiting folks during this trip. It seemed like the fish avoided live prawns at all cost! In fact, the fishes seemed to like artificial baits du

Extra-large flower crabs from B&B Fishery Services

It’s been five years since I last blogged about the flower crabs I got from NTUC . I got them at $12/kg then but when I visited NTUC again, this has now went up to $18/kg so that’s $1/kg increase every year. Not to fret though, I’ve recently found a new “lobang” or source for extra-large flower crabs (400g average per piece) which are fresh and meaty. They even clean the crabs and deliver them to you. Contact and cost is shared below at the end. I detail below on how I received them, how I cooked them and how meaty they were. Crab check out Good colour, no pincers dropping off! Great brain juice retention. Not watery or milky. Biggest was 473g a pop The first thing I did when I received the individually packed flower crabs was to check for freshness and meatiness. All the crabs passed this test. To do this, you don’t have to press the crabs and all. That is what crude aunties do and this actually spoils (bruises) a fair bit of crab in the market. The best way (in m

Digging for clams in Singapore with Mediacorp's 'On The Red Dot: Singapore Snapshots'

It has really been a long time since I did clam digging in Singapore and when Mediacorp asked me if I was keen to bring them for a little scene on national television, I was a little hesitant because I always like to ensure results. That was not possible though as we found out pollution and perhaps “over-clamming” have taken their toll on the clam populations. The episode still went on though and you can watch it using the below links (it was first televised on Channel 5 and Channel NewsAsia. 'On The Red Dot: Singapore Snapshots'. (Click) One thing that wasn't aired was how clam digging used to a free family hobby as we were growing up. We would simply all go down to the beach and get ankle deep in fresh mud. It was a way of life and how we used to pass time together. It wasn't ground-breaking or massive in terms of livelihood but it was probably one the last definitions of what it felt to be "kampung-ish" in the prehistoric sleeping fishing village that